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Johann George von Langen (* 22. March 1699 in upper city in the district Hildburghausen, "† 25. May 1776 in hunter-borrow with Copenhagen) was a German forest and upper hunter master.


Are enough as an oldest son in the property house for upper city one bore. Its father was the leaning gentleman von Oberstadt and his nut/mother yard lady with the duchess of Saxonia Meiningen. In his youth was active of being enough as a yard PAGE. When the duchess died, it changed to the yard of their brother, duke Ludwig Rudolf from Braunschweig Lueneburg to bright castle in the resin. 1716 it is already called hunt PAGE.

1719 permitted it the duke an education journey among other things to the yards in Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna, in order to train itself further in hunting. When it returned after many years to bright castle, it made the rating and measurement here resin forests.

it went to 1737 through switching of the count Christian Ernst to Stolberg Wernigerode to Norway, in order to promote on behalf the king Christian VITH from Denmark mining industry and Forstwesen there. Its main effect place became Kongsberg. 1742 it returned due to different difficulties to Braunschweigi and was first some time in Wernigerode and bright castle, before he became a boss forests in prince mountain in the Weser circle.

Under unrests in the seven-year-old war it returned 1760 again to the resin. Due to a personal Intrigie, whose victim became he, it decided 1763 to go a second time to Norway. There it arranged among other things forest conditions on the island sea-country.


It supported together with count Heinrich Ernst to Stolberg Wernigerode and the upper forest master Hans Dietrich von Zanthier 1743 the plant of peat works at breaking into. One this worker received the name being enough work. In the year following on it he wrote the forest order for the Hohnstein forest of the count Christian Ernst to Stolberg Wernigerode, in which the late bar wood enterprise so mentioned was specified.

1747 he let the first potatoes cultivate in close proximity to brown situation and wrote even a memorandum over the use of the earth apples.

It succeeded to it to arrive behind the secret of the porcelain production. It sketched the first kiln, it let which build in prince mountain (Weser), from which 1747/53 the first porcelain was produced.

1755 wrote a being enough a memorandum, in which he expressed himself for the education of mixed tree existence and which as kind of tree recommended spruces, which should be cultivated mainly.

In hunter-borrow with Copenhagen created it 1764 a forest school.

Being enough pupil of Moser even called it father of regular forestry and a tree species, the sycamore, is designated in Norway after it and is called there from being enough Fussstapfen.


With Treseburg in the resin Gedenkstein for Johann George von Langen is set up. Also in the Norwegian Kongsberg Gedenkstein is to be found, on which the names of the coworkers of the former there office for general forest of 1739 - 1746 is registered. From being enough this list of names states. In the glass museum Boffzen is accommodated the permanent exhibition life and working of the upper hunter master Johann George von Langen of 1699, justified by Hermann Hebbel - 1776.


  • Rozsnyay: Johann George von Langen (1699-1776) and its meaning for forestry - to its 200. Day of death and Rozsnyay, franc Kropp: Johann George von Langen (Kurzbiographie with sources), into this.: Forstliche of Lower Saxony biography. A source volume. From the forest (1998): Reports from the national forest administration of Lower Saxony (number 51). Ministry of Lower Saxony for nutrition, agriculture and forests (MELF), 1998. P. 284-287 and P. 504-524

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