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Johann (Hans) George Rachalss (* 30 November 1630 in Lauter/Sa. ; "† 12 December 1671 in Aue) was cure-Saxonian last in loud and in Aue in the office Schwarzenberg in the ore mountains.

Its father was the to loud and later Pirschmeister to Dresden Christoph Rachalss and its nut/mother Regina geb. hard mountain. Its father had 1632 the rebellion in loud against the imperial general Heinrich Holck and the building of one digs at the Lumpcht or Lumbach organized.

After the school attendance and the early death of his father its nut/mother gave way to that 1646 took place desiring the cure prince Johann George I. from Saxonia to let Johann George grow up as hunter boys at the Saxonian yard in Dresden. 1650 took place its official employment as a so-called attendance farmhand in Zabeltitz. After the death of its brother-in-law Baltzer of bold he transferred 1655 its in loud. Before it had width brook Magdalana, which daughter of the hammer master to Wittigsthal and width brook, Caspar Wittich, married on 22 September 1651 on the hammer work, which was at the same time its stepfather. From this marriage 6 sons and 7 daughters followed.

Due to its close family relations with the hammer works Wittigsthal and width brook he was closely connected with the 1654 establishment of the Exulantenstadt Johanngeorgenstadt taken place, whose emergence and blossoming it promoted.

By favorable plant of its fortune in the mining industry Rachalss had arrived at prosperity, which made it possible him to do to the churches several times to loud and Aue property. Thus it donated to loud a beautiful cloth with the pertinent Ornat to the church around the altar as well as an Alta cloth with silver points.

On the occasion of its death several printed corpse lectures appeared.

Johann George Rachalss is not to confound with the game master of the same name to Augustusburg, which deceased 1658.


Wolfgang reports to its row Miriquidis Raunen, Schesslitz in the volume III 1993, P. 254 on his father:

'' The Saxonian was a well-known personality not only in loud, but generally speaking ore mountains. He administered the Forstamt of loud, which were visited because of its capability by the cure prince gladly to the hunt. Rachhals was very wealthy. It possessed one gives in Aue at "‚the mountain liberty `. When it let a beer cellar strike for it from the miners into the mountain, stie0en this on Zinnerz. The pushed forward lug is called today still "‚the hunter-mad `. In its place the house of the today's "‚tradition place ore mining industry stands `. To the building of churches 1628 stifdtete Rachels a bell, which carries its signature mark. ''

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