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Joseph (Joe) Valachi (*22. September 1903; "† 3 April 1971) the first Mafia member, who its oath on the which Moralkodex of the mafia and/or Cosa Nostra broke, and betrayed the existence of the Cosa Nostra publicly. It had been member of the New Yorker Genovese Crime Family before. Its statement took place in the context of a hearing before the American congress in October 1963. Valachi stated, after now he killed in the prison a fellow prisoner, who he falsely for one trusted the Mafia Bosses Vito Genovese had held, and to fear had to death to be condemned.

1966 it undertook an attempted suicide, which failed however in the prison. Valachi wrote with the help of the journalist Peter Maas its memories down, which Maas published 1968 as The Valachi PAPER. It died on 3 April 1971 at a cardiac infarct. It outlived thereby its former boss Vito Genovese, which had suspended 100,000 USD head money for the murder Joe Valachis.

On basis of the book 1972 the film The Valachi PAPER turned with Charles Bronson as Joseph Valachi and Lino Ventura as Vito Genovese, director was Terence Young. The film represents the events described by Valachi and Maas however strongly simplified.

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