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Giuseppe "Joe The Boss" Masseria (* 1879 on Sicilies; "† 15 April 1931 in New York town center) was in former times a Mafiaboss in the United States. Masseria controlled the entire organized crime in New York town center from 1920 to its murder by Lucky Luciano 1931 during the war of Castellammare.

After he emigrated 1903 into the USA, in order to escape charges of murder in Sicilies, Masseria became a racquet of the Morello course in the Lower East Side of New York town center. Around 1920 he had taken over control of the course by a set of murders.

Salvatore Maranzano was sent with several further men 1927 from Sicilies, in order to take over for Don Vito Cascio ferrous control of the American mafia. Maranzano won the support of the residents of people from Castellammare. Finally he explained the war, which as the war of Castellammare admits became to Masseria. On 15 April 1931 Masseria was murdered by order murderers of its Unterbosses Lucky Luciano in Scarpato's restaurant on Coney Iceland. Thus was the war terminated, first called itself Maranzano capo di tutti capi ("Boss of all Bosse"). However it became thereupon killed by Lucianos people, which national the Crime Syndicate established.

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