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The JOBO AG is 1923 a created corporation with seat in Gummersbach Derschlag. It offers laboratory equipment within the range to the similar to and digital photography.

According to enterprise data (conditions: May 2006) amounts to the conversion approximately eight million euro, the enterprise employs 30 coworkers (inside) in Gummersbach and the USA. The Jobo AG supplies the photo specialized trade as well as chains such as Media market/Saturn and photo box.

The company name in connection with the Jobo tank might have the highest Bekanntheitsgrad, a plastic container for the development of roll and miniature films.

From a press text of the JOBO AG:

"Who somewhere developed on this globe formerly its films, vibrated black plastic doses. Drauf in red written: JOBO."

Firm history

Johannes created the enterprise 1923, because he wanted to develop photos and no dark area for the order had. Its idea was the entrance into the Jobo tanks, with which photographers and laboratories developed their monochrome photographic films.

The manufacturing began in the cellar of the house, then two further buildings on the firm area in Gummersbach Derschlag were built.

1960 occurred Johannes Bockemhl (learned photographer and photo engineer) the enterprise.

2002 were converted the enterprise into a corporation, until today (conditions: May 2006) all shares are in the family estate.

Today Johannes junior in the third generation leads the exempt private company. The studied operation manager took over 2003 with 30 years the line of the parental enterprise.

After an economic crisis in the 90's the Jobo AG began 2003 with the conversion of its product range, in order to carry with it for the changed market conditions in the age of the digital photography calculation.

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