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Jenaer glass is called a heatproof and chemically resistant Borosilikatglas developed by Otto bulkhead in the year 1887.

"The fireproof "customs glass was produced and driven out for the 1920er years in Jena under the label name JENAer GLASS. It finds both in the industry and in household appliances application. Important Gestalter worked the 1920er for years at the shaping of these products with: Gerhard Marcks, William car field, Heinrich Bruno Mauder, Ilse Decho and Hans Merz. One of the building house artist Moholy Nagy initiated Werbekampagne into the 1930er years contributed considerably to success.

Due to the lastingly bad yield situation those adjusted bulkhead AG the production of Jenaer glass at the end of of 2005. The mark "Jenaer glass" remains for Unterlizensen in the possession of the enterprise, it to 1 January 2006 by the Zwiesel crystal glass of AG was only acquired. Together with the marks "bulkhead Zwiesel" and "Zwiesel 1872" is used in the future the label name "Jenaer glass" by the Zwiesel crystal glass of AG.

Enterprise archives

Enterprise archives BULKHEAD JENAer GLASS were furnished by the archivist Herbert into the 1930er years. It is on the area the bulkheads Jenaer glass of GmbH and is open to each interested one in principle. A use is possible after previous registration. The existence cover record and photographies for the history of the 1884 of Otto bulkhead of created special glass manufacturer; the complete folder collection is particularly worth mentioning since 1884. In the areas also a product collection Jenaer glass is kept.

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