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Jean Alesi (* 11 June 1964 in Montfavet) be a French driver.

Formula 1

Jean Alesi went between 9 July 1989 and 14 October 2001 with 201 F1-Rennen to the start and achieved thereby altogether 241 WM-points. Its only victory celebrated he 1995 with the large price of Canada in the Ferrari. Its best WM-placements in each case was that 4. Total rank (1996 and 1997). During its formula 1-Karriere it drove for the teams Tyrrell, Ferrari, Benetton, clean, Prost and Jordan.

Alesi was admired by many other drivers due to its almost unbelievable vehicle control and was considered in addition than extremely emotional and temperful. To formula 1 times was it in addition one of the most courageous drivers, who sometimes strained and quite often in the gravel bed appeared their luck. It began its career with Tyrrell in the year 1989 and showed there, also in the subsequent year, outstanding achievements. For the Frenchman with Sicilian blood the no more than 1 Grand Prix - victory jumped out, was in particular because of the fact that Alesi followed 1990 its heart to Ferrari and did not sign not a contract with that to time best team Williams. But the Italians did not supply the necessary competitive power over seriously for victories to along-fight to be able. Thus Alesi experienced some frustrating years, but due to its character he remained for the team 5 years faithfully, before he changed to Benetton. There it set likewise isolates highlights, but it was not enough also there for victories or title gains. After 1997 it drove successively for clean, Prost and Jordan, where it terminated 2001 its Formel-1-Karriere.


2002 changed Alesi into the DTM team of HWA and are in the meantime one the star of the series. It remained faithful also there for its waghalsigen style of driving, which cost it often good results in the superpoles, to an individual time driving for the first 10 starting points to the Qualifying. It occupied nevertheless in the season 2005 the 7. Total rank in the yearly valuation.


Alesis helmet carried the same Design as that of the 1986 deadly had an accident to Elio de Angelis.

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