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James Alexander Mirrlees (* 5. July 1936 in Minnagaff, Scotland) be a British economist.


James Alexander Mirrlees received 1996 together with William Vickrey to the Nobelpreis for economic science for its contributions to the economic theory from incentives with different degrees from information of the market participants.

Its results had direct influence on the tariff policy of insurance and the tax policy. It was 1962/63 in the center for international studies in again Delhi in India actively. it attained a doctorate to 1963 at the Trinity college Cambridge university, in which it worked until 1966 as a lecturer in political economy. From 1968 to 1995 it had a Professur at the University of Oxford. Since 1995 it has a Professur for political economics at the University of Cambridge.


  • At exploration into the theory OF optimum income rating (1971)
  • Social benefit cost analysis and the distribution OF income (1978)

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