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Jacob Lucius the older one, also Jacobus Lucius D. (* approx. 1530 in Kronstadt (filter defiency guarantee); "† October 1597 in Helmstedt) was a well-known German draughtsman and printer of its time.

Lucius was a native filter citizen Sachse, which occupies its signature I L C T (Iacobus Lucius Coronensis Transsylvanus).

It worked starting from 1556 in Wittenberg as a draughtsman for woodcuts. Toward end of its Wittenberger time it was shifted on the printing. Since 1564 he worked then as academic publishers in Rostock, also under the characteristic name Jacobus 21 November 1578 became Lucius by the Braunschweiger duke Julius the first university printer of the University of Helmstedt ordered. In the year 1597 it died at the plague furious in the city.

Its son Jacob Lucius the younger one continued the printer handicraft of his father.

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