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The enterprise Jack Wolfskin places function clothing, outdoor equipment (e.g. Backpacks and tents), shoes and partially different outdoor equipment ago. Jack Wolfskin is according to own data one of the largest offerers of outdoor equipment and at the same time largest and most successful Franchise giver in the German sport specialized trade. Jack Wolfskin is available as mark in all important European markets.


Jack Wolfskin developed 1981 as self-mark of the company Sine in Frankfurt/Main. With increasing success Jack Wolfskin was separated then from Sine and to its own Unternehmen.1991 takes place the sales at Johnson outdoors (among other things right owners of Scubapro). The first Franchise Shop opens 1993 in Germany.

In the year 2001 transfers the private Equity society Bain Capital Jack Wolfskin of Johnson outdoors for 42 millions "€.

Bain Capital sold 2005 Jack Wolfskin again at Quadriga Capital for 93 millions "€.

The official name reads Jack Wolfskin equipment for outside GmbH & CO. KGaA, the company headquarters is in Idstein/Taunus.

Long time supplied Jack Wolfskin only the specialized trade until one 1993 the first own business in Heidelberg opened. In the meantime there are 86 Jack Wolfskin shops to Germany and 40 further in remainder of the world, of it 24 in Japan. All are operated in the Franchisesystem.


The Logo is the casting of a paw. The company Jack Wolfskin took over it from the daily paper taz and registered it into the 1980er years as brand name. Jack Wolfskin became generally accepted against taz in a law case in the year 2002. The consequence is that the press organ may not print the paw unmarried on products, which belong to the core business of Jack Wolfskin. With such overlaps the additive is to be used "the daily paper ".


Jack Wolfskin sets off against its competitors particularly by numerous innovations. Thus the own PU-coating "Texapore" was established as favorable alternative to Gore Tex laminates with clothing and shoes over the years.

International patents knew world-wide first free standing tunnel tents for those (MATERIAL TUNNELS TECHNOLOGY as well as for a mobile backpack stretcher system (ENERGY BALANCE SYSTEM become secured. For these innovations JACK WOLFSKIN 2004 equal twice with talk DOT Design award distinguished.

Enterprise responsibility

In November 2004 the donation goods test tested 14 Trekking jackets and asked the companies whether the function jackets are produced fair, socially and ecologically correctly. Beside Jack Wolfskin refused only a further manufacturer the information.


The free catalog appears half-yearly. In October 2005 there were 64 Jack Wolfskin net curtains so mentioned in Germany.

Guidance saying of the company: "Outside at home"


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