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Jack Ruby (actually Jacob Leon Rubenstein, * 25. March 1911 in Chicago; "† 3 January 1967) was accused of admits as a murderer of Lee Harvey Oswald, of John F. Kennedy to have murdered.

Ruby was born as a child of Polish-Jewish immigrants. Ruby lived with its seven brothers and sisters with care parents. It came fast into criminal machinations. Already as among other things the king of the organized crime, belonged aluminium Capone, to its clients.

First Ruby made its money by black market sales and by fraud with horse bets. Later then by its night clubs, brought in many relations for it (e.g. to SAM Giancana, which Boss at that time of the mafia in Chicago). 1937 Ruby then labor organizer in Chicago, again trained by the mafia. Ruby troubled again and again arguments before court and financial problems.

On 24 November 1963 Ruby shot the alleged murderer of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, in the cellar of the police building of Dallas. Officially Jack Ruby never changed its statement Lee Harvey Oswald Jacqueline Kennedy for sake sake to have killed. In a letter to another lawyer however it writes that this idea of his lawyer Tom Howard came. It told the prison psychologist that one had extorted it to kill Oswald. In the year 1978 an old television interview was found, which gave Ruby during a break of a court hearing. Ruby:

'' Only which I can say. Everything that of importance is, everything that happened, never came to the daylight. The world will never experience the true facts: in other words, my true motives. I am the only one person in the background, who knows the truth about everything that refers to my person.

The interviewer asks Ruby whether he believes that the truth in the light will ever come. Ruby:

'' No. Because unfortunately these people, which have to win so much and a strong motive had to bring me into this situation become in which I am, never permit that the true facts come to the daylight of the world.

Jack Ruby died 1967 at cancer, just, when the case John F. Kennedy was rolled up again by the district public prosecutor of new Orleans, Jim Garrison.

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