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By Internet advertisement advertisement is understood, which is spread in different forms over the medium Internet.


The advantage of Internet advertisement is in the fact that the reaction of the addressed consumers can be measured directly. This measurability distinguishes Internet advertisement in relation to advertisement in the classical style. The moreover one arranged an advertisement functions to target groups by a certain Targeting. Thus one recruits nearly completely without Streuverlust


Internet and the technologies used therein permit a multiplicity of different kinds, via which users can be addressed.

E-Mail advertisement

During the E-Mail advertisement consumers are addressed by advertising messages in enamels and can by click on a left for the Internet operational readiness level of the recruiting enterprise to be led. Usually such are left attached to analysis software, which counts Klicks and makes so an evaluation possible of the customer contacts taken place.

The advertisement can appear either as classified advertisement merged into the text, be in enamels in the HTML format also as advertising banners (see below), or also exclusive contents to a E-Mail. The latter is not only far common in form of Paidmail services and/or Mailtauschdienste so mentioned, with which consumers register themselves consciously, around advertising messages against any form "Unsolicited Commercial email - UCE" or "Unsolicited Bulk email -, so mentioned of remuneration (in money or points to be able to dispatch around again even advertisement to other members), but in particular also as, UBE", the unwanted E-Mail advertisement.

The E-Mail advertisement can be along-sent also in new type character. Of dealers for dealer (B2B) or of dealers at customer (B2C)

Banner advertisement

As banner advertisement the announcement is understood about graphic elements (= banner) with an advertising message, which in different way can be communicated to the consumer.

During the banner advertisement, usually by a Adserver, success in Adimpressions becomes (how often an advertising banner became and AdClicks (how often a banner became on) measured.

The banner advertisement takes place with smaller web pages mostly in the context of so-called partner programs. These partner programs are offered by Affiliate networks. Private homepage participate frequently in banner exchange networks, in order to pass itself on mutually visitors.

Merged advertising banners

The furthest common kind of the banner advertisement is the integration of an advertising banner within an Internet side. Due to the inundation of many Internet sides with advertising banners a habituation effect is occurred, so that they are inclined to it, advertising banner no longer to notice with the consumers ("banner blindness ").
Skyscraper are banner those are particularly long and therefore usually on the left of or right at the edge of the Website are attached. These are to be seen still partial then also with the scrollen the Website usually at least.
Content Ad
Content Ad is advertisement, which as well as possible with the actual contents of (English content) the Website blurs. The consequence is that or other user notices only afterwards that it read advertisement instead of contents of the Website.

PopUp or PopUnder advertisement

The use PopUp or PopUnder banner so mentioned is more remarkable, since additionally to the regarded side a further Browserfenster is opened here, which contains excluding the advertisement. The PopUp banner appears direct thereby and overlays the main side, while the PopUnder in the background is opened and the user notices it only if he closes the main window of the Browsers. By the increasing spreading of so-called Pop UP blockers can be achieved less consumer, therefore many recruit-rubbing change over to alternative banner forms.

The advertising volume becomes smaller with the Pop UP, which however not is bad, since one sets the advertisement simply with higher volumes. With good recruit-rubbing the blocked Pop Ups is not counted as delivered.

Special advertising formats

In order to meet the rising habituation effect, that success affected by banner advertisement unfavorably, new methods are used, in order to make the user on advertisement attentive. In addition for example animations of the advertising banners, in particular by Macromedias Flash technology, count themselves or special placement methods using Javascript, like e.g. an overlaying of remaining side contents with an advertising banner or over the screen moving advertising banner.


On some sides an advertisement with purposeful speech of customers is makes it for example for its Kfz possible to deliver and recruit thus nearly completely without Streuverlust different advertising forms to a pre-defined clientele. The advertisement can be steered after region, mark, model, year of construction, etc.

Clicking rate

The clicking rate is expressed in %. It means, how many by delivered means of publicity of the user were clicked


One first of Google introduced advertising form: as addition of the search result in a column right apart from the results postable text advertisements are faded in.

Dealer advertisement

an advertising form particularly for car dealers was developed and momentarily mainly by AutoScout24 is offered. Here the Targeting comes to carries. The KFZ dealer could be supplied the possibility from the professionals statistics. In the dealer advertisement overlaying means of publicity are mostly used such as Pop UP Pop Under and Layer Ad. They supply strong clicking rates and bring to the dealer the prospective customers on the webside.


This new advertising variant is characterised by the fact that the advertising surface is available not for an individual advertising medium, but for theoretically as much as desired, as long as sufficient place is present. Usually thereby surfaces are sold in block sizes at fixed prices. On these ranges then small Bildchen can be faded in, which is provided with a left. Visitors from pixel banner sides usually differ from the otherwise usual "coincidental" host of visitors. In this case the advertising sides from different motivation (pure interest, curiosity, boredom) are clicked and are not not forced forced upon. By the voluntariness of looking at becomes larger automatically also the host of visitors, which flows over this advertising medium on the applied web pages. An example of a pixel banner side is to be found under

Layer Ad

By Layer Ad"´s one understands overlaying means of publicity after a certain time a so-called Time out follows. In addition, means of publicity closes then automatically, can "close" over one Button themselves by the user to be closed. Into the Layer Ad"´s can be transported complex advertising messages. Films, sound, and several pictures are the strength of the Layers.Die Layer have a particularly high clicking rate.


Interstitials is advertisement, which is faded in when changing a side during the attendance of a Website as interruption. The advertisement is faded in before the structure of the actual side and releases after appropriate time the desired side.


Prestitials is a full-page advertisement those the actual side is upstream. According to expiration of one determine time, the user automatically on the desired side one passes on.

Site Branding

By Site Branding one understands a changing of the appearance of a Website in such a way that this can be assigned clearly to a product or a company, the user inevitably of these (s) is thus automatically and reminded.


Internet advertisement in the forms described above is felt increasingly of the visitors of an Internet side as annoying and importunately. Therefore many software solutions were established as extensions of the Browser, which try with different filter techniques to prevent the announcement from advertisement to. In particular software, which segregates Spam enamels automatically, is today a large market segment of the Softwarebranche.So becomes frequently with an applied company no more the advertising message, but only the of its advertising banners etc. associates. This form of the advertisement can lead thus to an antipathy opposite the applied product and/or the applied company.

After a representative inquiry of the TNS Emnid of institute, in general of Mediaedge: cia acceptance of new advertising forms and the knowledge of PopUp blockers, representative inquiry of the TNS Emnid of institute, in general of Mediaedge: cia the most popular form of the advertisement (32%) is followed of the Bigsize banner with Internet users of the Skyscraper (31%). Pop ups of 60% the user are rejected, and positively rated of 11%. Only one per cent clicks to Pop Ups on. Video Strips with moved pictures in Skyscrapern or Bigsize banners are clicked of 3-8% the user and spread thereafter over the whole web page. 40% the Internet user feel disturbed by Internet advertisement, and more than 34% accept advertisement for the financing of a web page. 20% of the asked ones were made attentive by advertisement on interesting offers (Mrs. 15%, men 23%). Mrs. (15%) are addressed by Internet advertisement less than men (23%).

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