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Ius Soli (also ius soli, Jus Soli, lat. right of the soil), designates the principle, according to which a state lends its nationality to all children, who are born on its national territory. It ties the Rechtsfogen to an easily verifiable event. The Ius Soli is strictly, formal and simple in its pure form.

The descending principle (Ius Sanguinis) is bound another, usually parallel valid principle of the nationality acquisition and to the nationality of parents.


Up to the beginning 19. Century one practiced in Germany excluding the Ius Soli. From 1913 to 2000 the Ius Sanguinis applied. Starting from that 1.1.2000 also an element of the Ius Soli was introduced into the nationality right. The requirements of the birth acquisition are however very highly and this concerns the so-called "option model", with up to the majority a double nationality then usually exist themselves and the person up to 23. Lebensjahr for a nationality to decide must.

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