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2000R (intelligence structure test 2000R) IS is a multidimensional economic intelligence test.

Operational areas

  • Banks
  • Insurance


The scientific test procedure contains nine groups of tasks (sentence addition, analogies, thing in common, Zahlenreihen, figure selection, tasks of cube, arithmetic problems without verbal portion, tasks of sign and tasks of stencil) and a general knowledge test. The individual components can be activated or deactivated as a function of contentwise and economic requirements by the modular structure.

The intelligence test can be through theoretically founded and lie empirically default value standards on the basis of more than 5800 persons (high school students and non--high school students) at the age between 15 and 60 years before. Structure concept the following 11 abilities seize: verbal intelligence, figure-aluminum-spatial intelligence, computational intelligence, figurale memory, concluding thinking, verbal knowledge, figure-aluminum-graphic knowledge, numeric knowledge and general knowledge as well as fluids and crystallized intelligence. The topics creativity and sex differences are not treated.


The running times IS 2000R (instructions, treatment and tracing) amount to 90 minutes (basic module without tasks of noticing), with tasks of noticing of about 120 minutes and with the extension module knowledge test 150 minutes. The intelligence test addresses itself to young people and adults between 15 and 60 years (IS 2000R), and/or between 15 and 25 years (ARE 2000).


See also

  • Intelligence
  • Intelligence quotient
  • Stanford Binet test
  • Simon Binet test


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  • Carl G. Liungman: The intelligence cult. A criticism of the intelligence term and the IQ measurement, 1976, ISBN 3-499-16792-1

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