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Iridologie (also iris analysis or iris diagnostics) is special the pseudoscientific teachings around the diagnosing barness of systemic illnesses of humans by analysis of the Gewebsstrukturen and them assigned reflex zones of the eye, the iris. It could be justified so far in opinion of the majority of the scientists neither empirically occupied nor theoretically.


Apart from scarce descriptions of the old Egyptians and a publication in 15. Century (Meyers) became the iris diagnosis by the Hungarian physician Ignaz of Peczely in the center 19. Century as first in the modern times investigates. Welfare practical men, Naturheilkundler and try to discover with the help of the Iridologie for it relevant symptoms and potential disease causes. One of the first users in Germany was a loam minister Emanuel Felke.

Theoretical bases

Iridologen appoint yourself among other things to an investigation of the Anatomen long 1954 at the University of Heidelberg, to which it proved that from the entire periphery with all organs line courses led to the iris, across back Mark and the Thalamus as stopover, segmental arranged into the segments of the iris.

The opponents of the iris diagnosis object that only it means that from the periphery (including the iris) connections to the Thalamus would exist. The uniqueness of the individual iris of humans was recognized in the meantime also as individual characteristic of each humans (for example by future use at the ATM machine) and for identification better suitably than a finger mark. That from it additionally information about diseases is derivable, contradict the constant appearance of the iris.

These constant structures of the iris, which exist starting from the end of puberty, are for the proponents against the fact a characteristic for the fact that the iris is a "genetic warrant of apprehension", a reference to locus minoris the resistentiae (the place of the decreased defense strength). Thus first the starting point for preventive (preventing) measures is given and then a reference to the actual cause of diseases, which do not react to schoolmedical therapies, because they secondarily manifest themselves at other organs.

Empirical vouchers

Iridologen state a Karlsruher study as voucher from the years 1950 to 1954: "the clinical examination of the organ and disease characters in the iris "became lively from the well-known clinician Professor Dr. med. Franz volume hard, which was convinced of the punctuation in the iris. Under the line of his son Professor Dr. med. Dr. compared Ernst Volhard med. Franz Vida and welfare practical man Josef deck at a large number of patient the punctuation in the iris with clinical findings, radiographs and section findings. The Iridologie supplied positively usable diagnostic references to cases with documented clinically of the 640 iridologisch and to 74,4 per cent with organ illnesses.

Opponents point out that this study is not double-blind accomplished and therefore worthless. Some proponents mean erroneous, diagnostic methods and pathological dia. theses could not be analyzed contrary to medicines or therapies in principle doubly blindly.

Clinical studies

In a multiplicity of clinical studies it did not succeed to prove an accuracy of the iris diagnostics lying over coincidence expectation. Simon A, Worthen DM, Mitas 2nd: At evaluation OF iridology. JAMA. 1979 September 28; 242 (13): 1385-9. PMID 480560Munstedt K, El-Safadi S, Bruck F, Zygmunt M, Hackethal A, Tinneberg HR: CAN iridology detect susceptibility ton CAN A prospective case controlled study. J aging Complement Med. 2005 June; 11 (3): 515-9. PMID 15992238Niggemann B, Gruber C: Unproven DIAGNOSTIC of procedures into IgE mediated allergic diseases. Allergy. 2004 August; 59 (8): 806-8 PMID 15230811Norn M: Analysis OF iris: history and future Dan Medicinhist Arbog. 2003;: 103-17. PMID 14765528Knipschild P: Looking for gall more bladder disease into the patient's iris. BMJ. 1988 Dec 17; 297 (6663): 1578-81. PMID 3147081


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