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Interim funds (in the following are a national subsidy for the promotion of the business startup and by the agency for work are paid. Further national subsidies for business startup are the business startup subsidy and the entrance money.

Legal bases

The legal basis for the is in "§ 57 SGB III. the only on request is granted; the request must be placed before the admission of the independent activity. The request can be placed both from unemployment, and from an existing occupation.

After the plans of the Federal Government from December 2005 it becomes the as also the business startup subsidy to EXGZ in past form only to 30 June 2006 give. Afterwards a new instrument is planned for the business startup promotion by unemployed persons. Background are among other things the high cost, which the federal agency for work had to bear particularly within the range of academic requirement takers: After the wing over of the IT-industry many computer scientists solved their employee contracts by golden hand impact, in order to become in further for the enterprise active, which saved through it social security contributions. Specialists with this Bildungstand need however no expensive machines or other means of production, find project contracts however immediately and require thus in the reason of no intensive promotion. Many carried however the forward as warm money rains additionally. A before well paid Dipl. - computer scientist could do so approximately "€ 15,000, - taxfree to coat and nevertheless work. According to data of the BA alone within this range costs in three-figure million height accumulated annually.

Rightful one

Employees, which terminate or avoid unemployment by admission of an independent, full-time activity, have requirement on to the safety device of living costs and to the social safety device in the time after the business startup. is carried out, if the employee

  • in close temporal connection (maximally 30 calender dates after end achievement purchase) with the admission of the independent activity or the upstream participation in a measure to their preparation payment indemnifications after the SGB III referred or a requirement on it would have or an occupation exercised, which was promoted as work-providing measure after the SGB III, and
  • a positive statement of an expert place over the load-carrying capacity of the business startup submitted; expert places are in particular the Chambers of Commerce and industrie, chambers of trade, according to professional status chambers, professional associations, credit institutes and tax counsels.

For the positive vote of the expert place i.d.R. a multilateral business plan is to be submitted, that the business idea, which describes market chances and the risks, as well as a turnover preview for the coming 3 years contains.

Promoted persons, those 65. Lebensjahr completed, have from the beginning of the following monthly to no more requirement on

Duration of the promotion

The is carried out for the duration by six months. cannot be granted, as long as resting facts are present after "§"§ the 142 to 143a SGB III. If the conditions for a reduction of the requirement on unemployment pay are present after "§ 140 SGB III, the reduces itself around the appropriate height for the number of the days, which project into the period of the promotion with If the conditions for resting the requirement are present with curfew after "§ 144 SGB III, the duration of the promotion shortens according to the duration of the curfew with consideration of the duration of the curfews already applied.

Exclusion of the promotion

The promotion is impossible, if after completion of an earlier business startup promotion after SGB III yet 24 months did not pass; from the adherence to this period can be refrained because of special reasons lying in the person of the employee.

The promotion is likewise impossible, if the employee solves its employer-employee relationship (bspw. by notice or termination agreement), in order to change over smoothly into the independence.

Height of the promotion

The sits down together from an amount, which the employee referred last as unemployment pay or with unemployment have referred could, and the pauschalierten social insurance contributions which are allotted to it. The pauschalierten social insurance contributions are determined as proportional addition, which in each case in the first half-year of the previous year altogether the average total social insurance contribution performed for subscribers of unemployment pay is to be taken as a basis. The addition amounts to in the year 2005 70.8 % (starting from the year 2006 69.5%, changes annually).

Tax treatment

Interim funds are with the income tax a taxfree income, which is not subject also to the progression reservation.


For a permission of the request the participation in an existence founder seminar, in that is prescribed the modalities of the request process with some work agencies, as well as criteria for the distribution of the promotion to be described in detail. Besides tax counsels and the IHKs offer purposeful advisory services for existence founders and applicants, whom one should take up.

Current development

After press releases of 17.5.2006 is to be replaced interim funds and the business startup subsidy (i AG) with effect starting from 1.8.2006 by a new promotion called to establishment subsidy, which can be granted maximally 15 months. The work agency has stronger test and estimation rights than so far before a grant.

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