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Intergenia the AG is active as corporation led getting thing and within the range ISP. The head office lies in with Cologne. The emphasis lies in the range dedicated server Hosting, which was introduced according to own data also by intergenia the AG into Germany. Since December 2003 the enterprise offers also a Shared Hosting product.

Intergenia the GmbH & CO at that time were created. Kg of 1999 by Thomas Strohe, yokes Berger and Christoph Berger. In the year 2000 then the transformation took place into intergenia the AG and additionally to the founders consists the executive committee now of olive drift houses and Andreas Niehaus (since May 2005). In the meantime in the executive committee also Marks were Beyer and Peter Domke.

Gehostet become about 18,000 dedicated servers predominantly in the IXEurope computing centre in Duesseldorf, which is attached to the own Backbone, also over 350.000 domains. Further server locations are Frankfurt/Main and pc. Louis, the USA. The company has over 100 coworkers. (Self-data, conditions 2005). In December 2005 the enterprise announced the start-up of its own computing centre in Frankfurt.

In the year 2002 intergenia the AG was addressee of a public of the German advertising advice, since it had recruited with an announcement, which showed a pair with the sex act.

In August 2004 turned out intergenia into the headlines, when it automates a KK-request for the Domain for one of its servers unchecked completed. Thereupon was not attainable for short time.

Marks, products and subsidiaries

  • Under the mark plus server operates the enterprise dedicated servers. As a target group companies and private users are anvisiert.
  • The subsidiary Web agency Domke addresses itself, just like plus servers, predominantly to enterprises. Beside the server Hosting the enterprise also generally worries as Internet Dienstleister about its customers.
  • Under the mark SERVER4YOU both dedicated servers under Linux and Windows, and the Shared Hosting (product name RACER) are offered.
  • With operates the corporation an on-line portal approximately around the topic Telefonie and Internet.
  • SERVER4YOU US Inc. is an American subsidiary, which offers so far mainly dedicated servers.
  • Since March 2005 the daughter offers to Server4You also DSL tariffs, the Tarifmodel "throttle instead of specially costs" and the low price the competitors for similar offers pushed and at the beginning "under 10 euro" and only few days later "under 5 euro" of the Flatrates rang in.
  • The subsidiary company outbox AG sells products for Voice over IP and addresses excluding companies/Reseller. Intergenia is involved in this enterprise with approximately 30%.
  • The enterprise Suprago (server hardware) belongs to the Bellaxa GmbH (IP Traffic), involved in which is likewise Intergenia.

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