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InterCIM cover is a term from the letterpress printing and/or bookbinder.


Predominantly in 19. Century books were often delivered without firm cover. The buyer could let it bind after his taste. They received a interCIM cover starting from publishing house.

It acts thereby around a "loose cover" out of simple paper or also thin cardboard with data to the book, the Titelei in such a way specified. Usually the book was untrimmed in case of the use of such a interCIM cover, in order to facilitate subsequent binding.

Demarcation to other single volume kinds


To the demarcation with the single volume kind Broschur: are often confounded with Broschuren (in addition, with kartoniert). There is however a fundamental difference: With Broschur a final cover is marked, that partly of paper, partly from a light cardboard exists (similarly a school booklet).

Characteristic of a interCIM cover

One recognizes a interCIM cover by two signs: Cover from paper or very thin cardboard (thinner than postcard) and a complete repetition of the Titelei on the cover. In addition (and/or is) a book with such a cover must be bound later once. The Buchbinder must cut thereby at the three exteriors the book block. But a sufficiently large edge must be present, in order not to in-cut into the text. Therefore interCIM covers are in principle untrimmed.


Frequent form

This concerns a book from the year 1901. At the back one sees a reinforcement by an adhesive strip, which the previous owner attached. The strong wear of the cover and the "untrimmed cut" are remarkable. One can let the book still bind today, it then with a firm cover provide, and to that edges cut clean. Frequently the old single volume cover is stuck on the new, firm cover, merged more rarely with.

Rare form

It becomes still clearer with this code Napoleon from the year 1820: Here the cover is not even printed on. However this form is rarely more frequent, is the form as to be found above.

Loose book block

To the demarcation an example of a loose book block, which has no cover, also over no interCIM cover. One recognizes the individual situations of the block by the "back".

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