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The inspector of the (InspSan) is the highest responsible person of the organisation area central of the German Federal Armed Forces.

It is responsible for its personnel and material readiness of application, in this function is directly subordinated it to the Federal Minister of the defense. Are subordinate to the inspector the operations staff of the in the Federal Ministry of the defense as well as the medical guidance command with the subordinated units and the medical office with the subordinated training and support mechanisms.

The inspector and its deputy dress the rank of an admiral upper medical officer and/or a general upper medical officer.

As far as the Umstrukturierueng of the the inspector carried the designation "inspector of the medical and health service", which was connected primarily with the fact that there was no uniform separates each armed service for the was responsible.


1.Theodor Joedicke2. September 195730. September 1962General staff physician (army)
2.William Albrecht1. October 196231. March 1967General upper medical officer (army)
3.Herbert Hockemeyer1. April 196731. March 1969General upper medical officer (army)
4.Eberhard Daerr1. April 196930. September 1972General upper medical officer (army)
5.Hans George Stemann1. October 197230. September 1976Admiral upper medical officer
6.Ernst Rebentisch1. October 197631. March 1980General upper medical officer (army)
7.Hubertus Grunhofer1. April 198031. March 1982General upper medical officer (Air Force)
8.Hansjoachim lime tree1. April 198630. September 1986General upper medical officer (Air Force)
9.Claus Voss1. October 198630. September 1989General upper medical officer (army)
10.Gunter Desch1. October 198930. September 1997General upper medical officer (army)
11.Karl William Demmer1. October 199731. March 2003General upper medical officer (army)
12.Karsten ocher1. April 2003Admiral upper medical officer

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