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The injection moulding (often colloquially also called injection moulding or injection moulding procedures) is a prototype procedure, which is used mainly in the plastics processing. With this procedure economically directly usable shaped parts with large number of items can be manufactured. In addition the respective material becomes with an injection moulding machine, and/or the molding material, in a spraying unit plastifiziert and injected into a tool. The cavity, the cavity, the tool determines the form and the surface texture of the finished part. There is today parts of few tenths gram into the two digit kilogram range producible. With the injection moulding articles with high accuracy, as e.g. for fine mechanics, can to be manufactured and/or mass products within a short time. The surface of the construction unit can be selected almost freely. Smooth surfaces for optical applications, Narbungen for contact-friendly ranges, samples and engravings can be manufactured. The injection moulding procedure is economically meaningful (nearly only) for larger numbers of items. The costs of the tool constitute a large part of the necessary investments. Even with simple tools the threshold of economy is only reached with some thousand parts. But the tools, dependent on the used molding material, can for which production of up to some millions parts are used.

Tool basic types with the injection moulding:

  • Hot duct system
  • Cold duct system
  • Normal tool
  • Stripping tool
  • Schieberwerkzeug
  • Cheek tool
  • Unscrewing tool
  • Tearing off tool

The following special spraying casting processes are used:

  • Thermoplastic injection moulding
  • Thermoplastic-foam-pour (TSG)
  • Elastomer injection moulding
  • Thermosetting polymer injection moulding
  • Multi-component injection moulding
  • In-Mold-procedure
  • Powder injection moulding
  • Gas internal pressure injection moulding (GID)
  • Gas behind compression matter (GHD)
  • Water internal pressure injection moulding (WID)
  • Fusion core injection moulding
  • Sprayingcoin/shape
  • Spraying blisters
  • CardaFlex procedure

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