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Initial explosives (of lat.: initium = beginning, entrance) can be brought by small mechanical or thermal effects to the explosion. They serve in blasting caps for initiating explosive charges. In of projectile cartridges initial explosives are for initiating the propellant this belong together with the explosives, driving and shooting materials (black powders and gun powders or propellant powders), igniting mixtures and pyrotechnic sentences to Explosivstoffen.Das in cartridges propellant powders present cannot by the impact of the ignition pin not to the explosion be brought, since it possesses to small impact sensitivity. Also the explosives used in shells, mines, bombs and other ammunition are so insensitive that they do not detonate by impact or the heat of a burning down igniter cord. In these cases one uses initial explosives in blasting caps, primer caps or for the ignition of amplifier charges (boosters). Initial explosives are characterised by high sensitivity to friction, impact, impact and heating. Mercury fulminate is e.g. already brought to kg drop hammer by heating up on 160"° (igniter cord) and/or by 2 falling down from 4 cm height to the detonation. Cartridges have a small quantity initial explosive of the soil or of the edge. This is brought by the breaking open pin or electrical glow ignition to the detonation and ignites then the propellant. The with blasting caps was invented 1862 by Alfred Nobel.

Important initial explosives are:

  • Mercury fulminate (Quecksilberfulminat)
  • Lead azide
  • Silver azide
  • Silberacetylid
  • Diazodinitrophenol
  • Lead spades advice (Trinitrophenolblei)
  • Bleistyphnat (Bleitrinitroresorcinat)
  • Tetrazen
  • CP
  • Nickel hydrazine nitrate (NHN)
  • Hexadecimal hexadecimaltriperoxide diaminehexadecimal tri peroxide diamine (HMTD)
  • Acetone peroxide (DADP or TATP)
  • Mannitolhexanitrat (Nitromannit)
  • Methylethylketonperoxyd (MEKP)
  • Tetraaminkupfer (II) chlorate (TACC)


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