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Information Professional is to be used a generic term for a person, whose vocational task consists of using information strategically in order to the respective enterprise.

Into the occupational group to the information Professionals for example press speaker, and the "Chief information Officer", Web developer, information broker, advisor, etc. belong.

The tasks of "information Professionals" consist of procuring or providing information publishing and administering these. Also to the Professionals belongs to services and tools, which serve this purpose, to the tasks of the information.

Background for this categorization is the idea that the strategic procurement, processing and publication of information substantially to the entrepreneurial success can contribute. By the designation information Professional is to be made clear also for the respective coworkers this circumstances. With special work methods and proceedings it is besides is reached that coworkers deal consciously and purposefully with information.

See also

  • Information management, information logistics, knowledge management, document management
  • Specialized information, information retrieval
  • Dokumentar, librarian, archivist, technical editor

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