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The industrial engineer (short: WI, Wi-Ing or a landlord engineer) is an academic occupation at the interface between tasks of engineer and commercial tasks.

A condition for this occupation is a study of the industrial engineer nature.

Problem definition

"They do not like each other, engineers and economists, the physicists and sociologists, the chemists and lawyer etc. you actually live in a world and make jokes one above the other. "(C.P. Snow 1959 in "The Two Cultures")

"Pretty often co-ordination difficulties arise, because the representatives of the technical and the commercial side already differ in its whole kind to thinking in principle, to a certain extent by small on in different thought categories were educated, indifferently whether they came from schools or became "large" in practice. "(Professor Dr. Bussmann, full professor for management economics of 1956-1962)


The occupation of the industrial engineer presupposes generally a study industrial engineer nature, which is offered at a university or a professional school and with an academic degree locks.

At vocational academies also industrial engineers are trained, however they do not attain an academic degree.

The broadly varied training sets itself from for an engineer part (mathematical-scientific and technical knowledge) as well as a commercial part (enterprise and economical, legal knowledge) together.

see in addition the article: Industrial engineer nature



mainly mechanical engineering, electro-technology, construction of vehicles, building industry and consulting companies.

Fields of activity

WIs are for example active in the ranges selling, production, logistics, purchase, finances/administration, management/Controlling.

Job market

At the German as well as at the international job market industrial engineers are very in demand. Many enterprises occupy key positions in the manufacturing with industrial engineers and for good students give it a large number of scholarships in the industry.

see in addition: Investigation of the University of meal to the job market for industrial engineers

international designation

How does one translate industrial

Master OF Business and engineering (MBE)

As diploma course of studies with the field mechanical engineering is called it "Industrial engineering majoring in Mechanical engineering".

In an article from 5 January 2002 in the FAZ describes Professor Dr. H. Mueller Merbach the courses of studies industrial engineer natures and Industrial engineering. It reports both on thing in common and differences of these courses of studies. In this connection the academic degree of the industrial engineer is translated as master OF Business and engineering (MBE).

The DOING Kaiserslautern answer the question "industrial engineer" to What's As follows: Kaiserslautern University OF Technology offers A special degree program called industrial engineer, best translated as master OF Business and engineering (MBE) or MBA for Science and Technology. The degree program takes on AVERAGE about six years tons complete. Graduates GET the German degree "diploma industrial engineer", therefore MBA or MBE is only the best way ton translate our degree program.


A FH-graduate of the industrial engineer nature enters with 37.539 EUR annual salary, a graduate of university with 40.587 EUR - with graduation 45,821 EUR (source: Connected German industrial engineers, 2003).

After 4 years in the occupation a WI earns 50,500 EUR in the year at one work time of approx. 49 hr./week (source: Scientific center for occupation and university research, University of Kassel; Conditions: 1999).

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