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The incoming goods are responsible a part of the operational process, for the physical acceptance of delivered goods and materials, the necessary documentation, the passing on of the goods as well as the forwarding of the input data (information flow, data communication). One calls goods distribution goods despatched.

By suppliers and carriers delivered commodity is transferred and unloaded in the delivery. The goods received examine the entrance for papers, quantity and outside condition and pass it on after unloading at production or camp. Damaged commodity is rejected immediately.

If the commodity is outwardly perfect, the receiver confirms the entrance on the waybill to the carrier. Delivery notes, customs papers and other input data are processed or passed on. The purchases check determines at accepted commodity lack in quantity and quality. It provides if necessary for an adjustment of the damage and return. For entrepreneurs it is obligation to examine and criticize the commodity if necessary directly for completeness and lack, otherwise the quantity indicated in the delivery note is considered as supplied and damage-free.

In record keeping one calls related to value posting of the entrances on goods inventory accounts incoming goods quantity and. Basis are usually delivery notes or purchase invoices.


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