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The word Imprint (English for "casting ", "print ", ") originally meant the data, which are in a publication to that verlegerisch and herausgeberisch to responsible persons with a English-language book. In the German-speaking countries for it the word imprint becomes related.

In and foreign book trade, in addition, in the reporting of the media, the term is used today in the sense word mark protected usually of label as.

Imprint publishing houses are mostly subsidiary companies within larger groups of publishing houses, which exist often only as label names on and title pages as well as in the advertisement, but do not operate frequently any longer independently.

In the large concern the Imprint or label publishing house makes possible for the nut/mother house to make different advertising platforms available.

Imprint publishing houses can be led in a group of publishing houses differently independently. They can be acquired, their own management and own budgets have, them can however also as pure, mostly imported marks be led and resumed, which are to be differentiated from the other marks of the house. Imprint publishing houses are for example the Eugen Diederichs publishing house within the Heinrich Hugendubel of publishing house, which southwest, one-eats publishing houses Heyne, Goldmann, German publishing house, C. Bertelsmann, Ludwig, Siedler, Karl Blessing and many further within the random House group of publishing houses.

A further important meaning: Printering often offer an option to Imprint. Here the pressure is offered, if for it printering print its own Logo on the products.

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