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Imperially the State Crown is one of the king crowns of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and as such component of the British Kronjuwelen.

In its form it resembles the Edward crown. Over the hoar frost, which forms the basis, alternating four diamond of paw crosses rise (with so strongly widened cross arms that they work nearly like squares) and four likewise heraldische lilies (Fleur de Lis), occupied with diamonds. Is over-curved the crown of two crossed handles, which proceed from the paw crosses. On the crossover of the handles a ball and over it a further paw cross are. The violet velvet hood inside the crown carries a seam from Hermelin at its lower edge. The crown is occupied with numerous jewels, among them 2868 diamonds, 273 beads, 17 sapphires, eleven emeralds and five rubies. Some these jewels are particularly famous: In the center of the cross on the point the pc. Edward sapphire, which is to originate from the ring (or the crown) Eduard of the Bekenners, in the center of the front paw cross "the ruby of the black prince is "and under it in the front of the hoar frost of the Cullinan II, with 317.4 carat of one of the largest diamonds of the world, also under the name "small star of Africa "directly admits.

Imperially the State Crown is usually carried at the end of the coronation/culmination ceremony with the excerpt of the monarch from the Westminster Abbey, while for the actual coronation/culmination the Edward crown is used. Queen Victoria and Eduard VII. used her because of their smaller weight in addition, with the coronation/culmination, since them the Edward crown was too heavy. The queen carries those imperially for State Crown during the annual solemn opening of parliament. The crown and the remaining Kronjuwelen needed with the ceremony are brought, before the queen leaves the Buckingham Palace, in its own Kutsche to parliament building. The queen in "the Robing Room puts on "the royal garbs only there and puts the crown on.

Since those is imperially State Crown at the most frequent the used English king crowns, she needs also the most care and repair and became due to damages, their weight or transformations of the time taste most frequently renews. The versions of the earlier crowns (among other things of George I., George IV. and queen Victoria) are kept in the Londoner Tower. The present crown was made for the coronation/culmination of George VI. in the year 1937. It is an exact copy for queen Victoria manufactured of the crown, but with 910 g weight substantially more easily than carrying this and therefore more pleasantly. Because of their still substantial weight the monarchs carried the crown in the morning of the daily of the opening of parliament frequently for some hours in its dwellings, in order to get accustomed to it. Queen Elizabeth is to have been observed once with the morning newspaper reading at the with the crown on the head.

If it is not needed for ceremonies, those is imperially State Crown as well as the other Kronjuwelen in the jewel house of the Tower OF London issued and can be visited there.

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