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The company Imperial is a kitchen equipment manufacturer with head office in federations/Westphalia and a branch work in Arnsberg/Sauerland. The enterprise has a number of employees of approx. 1,100 (800 into federations, 300 in Arnsberg) and produced since more jeher consistently "larva in Germany". The manufactured kitchen devices are considered as optically extreme fastidiously and are also technical "Mercedes under the kitchen devices".


The company became in the year 1868 of C.H. Install based and manufactured among other things furnaces, cook machines, etc. However the enterprise was called only starting from 1934 imperial. During the Second World War the enterprise manufactured projectiles, could however stove production maintain. In the war here 500 people, also prisoners of war worked. In the year 1948 the company Imperial opened its own foundry with the name Karl hut in the quarter awl. In the year 1970 imperial invented the first cerium parboiling field in co-operation with the bulkhead glass works, 1976 supplied the company a large cook plant for the palace of the Schahs of Persia. The largest order of the large cook department of the enterprise was the mechanism of the airport Basra/Iraq in the year 1982. 1983 made the enterprise a further invention: the Dampfdruckgarer, which is offered until today only by imperial. The company belonged since 1990 to the Miele company, in which it takes the function of a noble mark, and stands since then under the direction of Dr. Reinhard Zinkann.

Since 1 January 2006 imperial is not led of Miele any more than independent mark. As far as production that is not stopped equipment, these are driven out now under the mark Miele.

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