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Imperialism is the name of a computer strategy play.

It shifts the player into the time of the industrialization. With economic fate it must up-lead thereby its nation to a world and an industrial power. The player has diplomatic possibilities to the limited extent of affecting the process in addition, on military way in round strategy he can develop its realm, in order a daily as "world rulers" to be recognized.

By the dismantling of resources, which on the fields of the map in certain regions are distributed (coal - mountains, oil - desert/sump etc.), have the player after the study of the appropriate technology the possibility of manufacturing far developed units which provide an advantage for it opposite competitors.

The play refers to the expansionistic efforts of industrialized nations in 19. Century, and leaves the choice superficial to secure itself also on peaceful way the victory. This is however many more with difficulty, beziehnungsweise impossible due to the play way of the computer opponents.

In 2. Part the row the world was still extended. In addition the "new world" came, into which correctly designated Indian peoples are. These fall one after the other one European powers to the victim. That applies also here as a winner at the end, who controls the "old person world".

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