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Immigration, immigration or also Zuwanderung mean that a person shifts durably her domicile into another country. An immigrant emigrated before from another country.

Reasons for immigration

Immigration gives it in almost all countries to the earth, for different reasons:

  • Because of better work and living conditions (special case enlisted workers, in Germany for example immigrant workers or also Ruhr Poland); devaluing also restaurant economics mentioned
  • For political reasons
  • For religious or linguistic-cultural reasons
  • As refugees because of acute threat by war, civil war, hunger emergency or purposeful driving out
  • For reasons of the family unification
  • As enlisted settlers
  • From personal inclination to the taking up country (e.g. Emigrant to Australia)
  • Due to enslavement and slave trade for the purpose of the hard labour.

Immigration into different countries

There are classical immigration countries, above all the USA, Canada, the countries of South America and Australia, which need immigrants for settling and cultivation of deserted and little developed areas. Except the indigenen peoples of these countries all inhabitants of these areas deduce their origin of modern immigrants. Also closely populated countries of Europe such as France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland became actual in the past century immigration countries, whereby the cause lay particularly in the recruitment of cheap workers. Apart from this not quantifiable use the immigration takes place also for altruistischen reasons, approximately via admission of asylum-seekers. The number of the immigrants might lie in the two digit million-range, is however difficult to quantify. Since these countries exhibit and increasingly from structural problems such as unemployment suffer hardly unbesiedelte areas, their status is disputed as immigration country. It is politically characteristic that in these countries the topic immigration is brought up for discussion often only in election campaigns. The demographic development is often stated as argument for immigration.

Other global immigration areas (above all Binnenmigration) are the east region of China around Shanghai, different parts of Indonesia (Transmigrasi), the cape region of South Africa, Israel (Zuwanderung v.a. Russian Jews), Saudi Arabia and Russia (back migration of ethnical Russians from GUS states).

And finally there are countries, which do not have to limit immigration, since itself due to the economic weakness no or only few humans have an interest in the immigration there.

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Legal status in Germany

Into Germany immigrant lets himself be divided into the following groups:

  • Late repatriate (immigration regulation in accordance with federal refugee and - refugee law (BVFG) of 1953 as well as evacuee photograph law (AAG) of 1990),
  • Union citizens European Union member enjoy a large right to liberality after the liberality law,
  • Arbeitsmigranten from third states (non--European Union countries) can enter if necessary the residence law as employees or independent ones and be here,
  • Relatives of Germans and here living foreigner, in particular marriage partner and children under age, can receive if necessary after the residence law a unlimited right to residence,
  • Studying ones can receive if necessary after after the residence law a unlimited right to residence for study purposes,
  • Refugees can request a refugee status according to the article 16a Basic Law and the asylum proceeding law. Out humanitarian, political or international-law reasons the possible stay for recognized refugees and further foreigners (e.g. Jewish immigrants) depends on the residence law,
  • Illegal immigrants do not possess regular status after the foreigner right.

The immigration from humans to Germany, and also the transnational migration, concern not only individuals, but also families: in the Zuwanderungsgesetz e.g. the Nachzugsalter is regulated by relatives of immigrants. Therefore immigration becomes in 6. Family report "families of foreign origin - achievements - loads - challenges "of the BMFSFJ, 2000, when family project marks, which takes place generation-spreading and is not final in a generation. Among other things by this report of the BMFSFJ from the year 2000 it is gotten straight that the B.R. Germany is an immigration country and that the integration of the immigrants by that approaches Nachzug of the family members temporally is promoted and stabilized.

Into the B.R. Germany Zuwandernde comes out over 180 states, with associatednesses far varying Ethnien and religions. Immigrants have the most different migration or escape reasons, have the intention of remaining or only of through-moving short or longer in Germany.

Since 1996 there is a statistics to the family after course. This proves an order of magnitude of 55.000 to 63,000 relatives in the year. Two thirds of the family after course are marriage partners and for instance a third are children (20.000). Compared to the number of the primary immigrants of 649.249 persons the number of a tenth of this number adds itself by family after migration.

"Integration politics must strengthen "‚the whole family the view to take and this perspective at least supplementing and strengthening apart from the "family member target group orientation" set, which is converted today particularly in the form by child, youth and girl projects, "are called it in of Wolfgang Erler and Monika Jaeckel provided interim report to the dji project ("the social close area in its integration function for families of foreign origin "), because the families of immigrants represent also a habitat, which can work against an integration, since the language acquisition and the overcoming of cultural strangeness can retard.

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