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Ignition panels are ammunition for toy weapons, in order to produce a firing noise. Here nothing else as a loud bang and little smoke and Gestank.Die "mini" develop - ignition powder charges are ignited as with genuine weapons when forcing away by a strong impact of a metal part in the toy weapon. Ignition panels, ignition rings and ignition volumes are different execution forms for different weapons. The ignition rings were zusamengesetzt "Amorces" called, which probably ignite from the French word more amorcer =, sharply make frequently also come and made of potassium chlorate and red phosphorus.

Toy ammunition gives it in different forms:

  • Plastic rings (, of 12 of eight)
  • Plastic strip (13er, 25er)
  • Paper strip (100er)
  • individually in Papierform

From physicians there are serious warnings that the loud bang noises can when firing the weapon closely at the ear to hearing damages lead.

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