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Igniting mixtures are aids, which are intended for releasing explosive charges and mostly explosive substances contained. The ignition of an explosive starts the explosion or detonation.

One of the simplest and oldest igniting mixtures is the Lunte, which consists of and afterwards with lead acetate pickled, a glowable hemp cord soaked with Salpeter, with whose assistance of powder and explosive devices was ignited. Igniter cords consist of 5-6 mm strong turned or worked braided hoses with a soul of black powders, to the durable making with glue or with tar impregnated, can by a plastic coating be water-steadily made and serve for the ignition of blasting caps and products of pyrotechnics. The similarly developed detonation cords contain an explosive explosive as for instance of Pentaerythrittetranitrat and are the transmission of the detonation of a blasting cap on different explosive charges with a speed of 7000 m/s to cause.

As mechanical igniting mixtures e.g. primer caps, that serve are small, the priming charge containing metal cells, which are attached in the soil by cartridges and which on impact od. impact a flash firing the propellant charge to supply. Differently than with ammunition in most technical applications of the explosives today electrical fuzes are used.

With chemical fuzes reactive substances are enclosed in different ampuls. After breaking the ampul with impact or pressure contents under heat emission unite and introduce so the explosion. These so-called acid fuzes are used e.g. with projectiles and mines.

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