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An igniter cord is a burning down cord, which serves to release a pyrotechnic sentence in a certain time. It is called pyrotechnic ignition, contrary to the electrical ignition. The different igniting and are called after 1.SprengV

The correct term for the igniter cord is actually By one understands a releasing of a burn-up, by igniting however releasing a detonation. With an igniter cord therefore no explosives can be ignited, be contained probably however pyrotechnic sentences or blasting caps the one Initialladung.

Igniter cords are used very frequently for ignition fire work freely for sale. Here the igniter cords are firmly connected with the pyrotechnic set of the fire work. Also propellant charges of model rockets can be ignited by igniter cords. However the igniter cords are here connected not rigidly with the propellant charge. They are by the nozzle of the propellant charge into the same and are fixed with the help of a match. Alternatively these propellant charges can be ignited also by employment of an electrical fuze.


The Visco is most frequently the igniter cord used with class ii-fireworks (Silvesterartikel). It consists of black powder or a black powder-similar mixture, which was applied on a thin thread. Around this thread one turns fine linen thread, which protects against damage. In order to make it water-rejecting, the Visco is usually coated still with one on Nitrocellulose which is based lacquer. Straight one for and rockets is it very well suitably, there it favorable, water-rejecting and very constant in the burning duration is. This lies between 1,5 and 1 sec/cm. The moreover one it obtains extremely good ignition achievements by the open, transmit-spraying burn-up and causes less dud. Numerous trade names and give themselves minimum in the burning duration, but differentiate nevertheless much with respect to thickness and color:

  • Chinese Green Visco - at most used, thickness between 1/8 " and 1/16 "
  • American talk Visco - rather unknown, also in green or red/white/blue available, thickness usually 3/32 "


With Stoppinen one first between more covered (also Quickmatch) must differentiate and uncovered Stoppine (also Blackmatch).

Uncovered Stoppine consists of a thread or a narrow Stoffstreifen on the black powders was laid on. Contrary to Visco Blackmatch burns substantially more violently and more uncontrolled. Beyond that Blackmatch is extremely transmit sensitive, which makes it unsuitable as However to ensure it with large fire works gladly inserted into a slot cut before into the timer around a safe One provides it however with an extremely loose paper coat receives one

Covered Stoppine. The developing sparks are advanced by the shroud by the incineration gases with up to 10 m/sec. Due to the enormous speed covered Stoppine is the first choice with fireworks, if it applies to make a connection between the propellant of a ball or a cylinder bomb to the tubing delta. If the Stoppine is provided still with a plastic coating, she becomes very water and transmit resistant.

Chinese Fuse

With Chinese Fuse acts it over into very fine tissue paper pivoted black powder. It is the probably oldest, most favorable, in addition, most unreliable specified of the here. Under the high differences in density and consistency the burning duration varies substantially, so that safe using is almost impossible. An enormous spark sensitivity still contributes to it. However the Chinese igniter cord is suitable due to the low price well for the employment in bang body chains.

The is the probably most important aid of a ammunition technician. It consists of a black powder soul with inserted Kupferdraht in thin plastic covering. The Kupferdraht permits it to the Pyrotechniker to rotate among themselves and provide thus for a safe flaming transmission. It is not water resistant. There are two sorts of the which differ by color and burning duration:

  • yellow: Burning duration 18-28 sec/m
  • red: Burning duration 8-12 sec/m


A slowly burning rope in former times to ignite by front loader rifles and cannons one used.


The Lunte is used, where an outward urgent flame is unwanted. Each fabric glue-soaked by them from a black powder soul with 1-3 layers essentially exists which is encased. In this execution (Japanese Fuse) it is blocked nearly in each ball or cylinder bomb as timer. With one burning duration of on the average 1 cm/second one can determine ideally ignition according to leaving the mortar.

The Lunte still with a plastic covering covered speaks one of . With a blasting cap it does not offer a possibility of explosives electrically to ignite. By the coat it is water resistant 100% and burns quite constantly with 120 sec/m without thereby outward sparks and flames to spray. The main use lies, apart from the military use, in the avalanche blowing up from helicopters, where it is usually ignited with a break igniter.

A special form of the Lunte is one for historical front loader weapons used ignition method in form of a slowly glowing igniter cord for black powder cannon they for the first time 1378 was mentioned and served also as time fuse for powder tons ("hell machine"). It consisted of hemp cords, which with an aqueous solution from Kalisalpeter and poisonous lead sugar (lead acetate) were soaked and dried thereafter. So could e.g.: Burn times by 1 cm per minute to be reached. Wind could not blow the Lunten out.

 For ignition the glowing end was pushed into the  of the cannon filled with black powders. For safe handling the Lunte was fastened to a Luntenstock. It was usual to let both ends of the Lunte glow (reserve if the Lunte expires). One used this technology also for the first hand-held weapons, the Arkebusen. Here the contactors the glow with the departure mechanism pressed filled pan into the powders and solved so the shot. 

The idiom "Lunte smell" comes from the smell evenly these burning Lunten, which showed the enemies an ambush.

Legal situation in Germany

By the BAM certified as for example electrical and igniter cords may be delivered since at the beginning of of 2004 without proof of a explosive-legal permission at persons over 18 years. From this regulation each form of the covered Stoppine and all without BAM permission are excluded.

Due to the further unclear situation (connecting or bundles of fireworks articles was still only permitted to permit owners after explosive regulation) the BAM Berlin published a statement, which does not permit a connecting of class to I and II fireworks articles with certified electrical and pyrotechnic expressly also for permit owners starting from 18 years on 1 February 2006 however.

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