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Idiazabal ([]) is a Spanish hard cheese with protected indication of origin ( de Origen Protegida", DOPE).

The Idiazabal cheese comes from the Basque country and Navarra. The designation Idiazabal does not agitate from the place Idiazabal in the province Gipuzkoa as origin place, but when geographical center of the area, in which sheep cheese with same characteristics is manufactured.

It is made of sheep milk of the sheep race Latxa. This concerns an easy to mittelpikanten hard cheese, which in a and a smoked variant one manufactures. A cheese loaf weighs between 1 and 3 kg.

Ordizia in Gipuzkoa a cheese sample takes place annually in the place, in which a jury selects the best Idiazabal cheese. With the sample a half cheese is fed, the remaining cheese half is auctioneered at the same place under restaurants and other Mitbietenden and reached usually prices in the order of magnitude of 5.000, 00 "€.

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