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Icmesa S.p.A was a chemical factory in Meda with Milan. Admits became it by a heavy chemistry accident, which so-called with which on 10 July 1976 larger quantities of high-poisonous materials withdrew and for long-term damage to humans and environment ensured.

Firm history

The Icmesa was created 1921 as "industry Chimiche Mendionali Azionaria" in Neapel. During the Second World War the manufacturing plants in Neapel were destroyed.

1946 took place a reestablishment under the name "industry Chimiche Meda Azionaria". The acronym "Icmesa" was thus maintained and the company headquarters was shifted from Neapel to Meda with Milan.

In the year 1963 the 1896 created company Hoffmann La Roche in Basel bought the smelling off and flavour company Givaudan S.A. in Vernier with Geneva as a partial shareholder of the Icmesa.

Givaudan acquired 1965 the stock majority of the Icmesa. After the purchase of the remaining shares 1969 began the production of tri chlorine phenol, an intermediate product with Icmesa with the production of Hexachlorophen. Hexachlorophen is a disinfectant, which found in the Medizinalseifen of the group of Roche use.

The misfortune

They find a summary of the events of the misfortune daily on the page

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