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Ice Climber is a video game of Nintendo and appeared 1985 on Nintendo the Entertainment system.

There are 32 level (and/or mountains), in which the player must erklimmen as one of the two Eskimos Pepe and Nana the ice-covered mountain point. With a hammer holes are struck in Steinmauern and ice covers, in order to create points of ascent. Many obstacles such as seals, birds and slippery ice surfaces make the ascent more difficult. A 2-Spielermodus is present, which must itself decide players however whether they begin with one another or against each other to the Erklimmung of the mountain.

The Ice Climber duo has a playable guest appearance in super Smash Brothers Melee for Nintendo the GameCube.

2004 appeared a new edition of the original version for the Game Boy Advance under the "NES Classics" - label.

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