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Hymie white (* 1898 in Poland; "† 11 October 1926 in Chicago, Illinois, the USA) was a gangster during the Prohibitionszeit. Its native name was Henryk Wojciechowski, the reason for renaming is unclear.


He was friend and Untergebener Dion O'Banions, which controlled the North Side Chicago. Since it was more intelligent than Deany, he was its a councellor and probably he persuaded him also to the liquor smuggling. White was a hagere person with sharp face courses and a stinging view. Similarly its Boss O'Banion it was attractionable, and sometimes merciless, but despite its incalculability it had itself under control and a relatively cool head. It was allegedly the only one, the aluminium Capone really was ever afraid.

On 10 November 1924 its leader O'Banion was murdered, whereupon he became the leader of the North Side course and swore revenge. It was involved in the assassination attempt on Johnny Torrio in 24 January 1925. Beside the spike O'Donnell course of the South Side it represented gradually a danger for aluminium Capones territory. Behind the attempted assassination on Capone on 20 September 1926 in a white was assumed.

Since white from Capones view was a problem, which had to be eliminated, he planned together with Torrio to murder this. The murder happened before Schofield's flower shop, in which O'Banion was also already killed. Capones contactors had before rented themselves some days two dwellings beside and/or opposite the shop, in order to lurk there. When white, Patrick Murray, an aid, possibly also Weiss' bodyguard, expected who finally emerged Chauffeur SAM Peller and lawyer William O'Brien on 11 October 1926, it a ball hail from submachine guns and guns. With ten hits white in the hospital brought, where it, also Murray died shortly thereafter survived not.

Capone said thereafter to journalists Chicago DAILY one news to that and the New York Time in November 1926: "Hymie white is dead, because he wanted with the head by the wall." Nothing could be proven to it and its people, the police had not even more the necessary combat morale.

The line of the North Side Mobs took over after its death Vincent "The Schemer" Drucci and George of "nose" Moran.

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