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Hunting dogs are a group of house dog races and since jeher hunt assistants of the hunter. The Ausspuch "hunt without dog is trash "clarifies the practical experience. Like that the assistance of the dog is often indispensable "after the shot ", in order to find or find also around "an ill shot "animal e.g. in the high grass the hunted animal fast, in order to release it from its agonies to. Also with the Wasserjagd a straightened dog is indispensable. (Colloquially so mentioned) the hunting dog is called hunt customs dog.

Law situation in Germany

Game laws prescribe the attitude of an useful hunting dog in most Lands of the Federal Republic for the practice of a tenancy of a hunting ground, the regulations differ however partially. In addition the hunt authority the proof of a usefulness examination must be furnished.

If no appropriate test proof of a breed association in the hunt customs dog federation (JGHV) is present, then each race and each age the proof of usefulness before the lower hunt authority can be furnished for hunting dogs. That is at least in most German Lands of the Federal Republic like that.

With the examinations of the breed associations only reinrassige dogs with family tree proof become certified. Apart from certain special tests, which can be also race-caused, there is the youth search (VJP), thereafter the autumn breed examination (HZP) and as a kind mastership examination the federation customs examination (VGP).

In the Waidmann jargon (hunter language) descendants are called cold impacts" outside of the breed lines ". Half-breeds do not become certified in principle the examination.

Kinds of hunting dogs

Hunting dogs are divided into the following groups:

  • Managing dogs
    • German managing dogs
    • Hungarian managing dogs
    • English managing dogs
  • Welding dogs
  • Earth dogs
  • Bracken
  • Retrieving your

Apart from the hunting dog grouping enumerated here, there is a set of names for hunting dogs, which show a specialization, which is however race-conditioned. Examples of it are water dogs, sow packman, sow dogs, chicken dogs, become outdated to Otterhunde.

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