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Hubert Burda Media is one of the largest publishing house and medium companies of Germany, which are also on the international market of importance. Those approx. 7400 coworkers of the entrepreneurial group gained 2005 an external conversion of 1.525 billion euro. In the previous years 70% of it were allotted to the magazine business. Main locations are open castle, Munich and Hamburg.


Starting from 1903 Franz Burda operates sen. first in Phillips castle, starting from 1908 then in open castle small printering. His son, "senator" Dr. Franz Burda, creates 1927 the radio program magazine and takes over the enterprise after the death of its father 1929. The reached 1933 an edition of 60.000 copies.

1938 the assumption of low printering of "brothers farmer" takes place during the Arisierung, (owner Berthold tear). Franz Burda and Karl Fritz, Inhaber of the southwest pressure in Karlsruhe, acquire printering for 800.000 realm Marks.

1942 are adjusted the production of the because of the Second World War. Burda prints general staff maps of North Africa and France. Starting from 1945 Burda prints school books and stamps for the French zone of occupation as well as the French soldier newspaper "revue d'Information".

In the following years Franz Burda removed the enterprise to the publishing house company Burda getting thing and created many to magazines appearing today. Parallel to it its wife Aenne Burda developed the world-wide largest publishing house for mode publications starting from 1949 with Burda fashions. 1967 receive the son Hubert Burda the single power of attorney in the publishing house. 1973 appoint Franz Burda sen. its sons to acting partners.

1986 die Dr. Franz Burda at the age of 83 years. The sons Franz Burda and Frieder Burda take over the participation in Springer publishing house, in American printering, at paper factories and at some other enterprises. Dr. Hubert Burda transfers the master business with the publishing houses and printering to Germany and France.

1987 become Hubert Burda of chairmen of the board and however partners; its deputy becomes Todenhfer. 1994 hand over Aenne Burda to him also the management of Burda fashions.

After a unsuccessful Internet commitment (establishment of Europe on-line one 1994) one concentrated the core business within the print range and firmierte those getting thing 1999 in Hubert Burda Media over.

In the year 2000 after the Burda media park in open castle is inaugurated. The output of Hubert Burda Media lies for the first time over 3 billion DM.

In the year 2005 a new printing press center is taken in open castle in enterprise. Thereupon 192 coworkers will dismiss.

Firm's structure

Around to clarify the connections of the bodies of the Hubert Burda Media are as complex, is mentioned the example of the German expenditure of the Playboy. In the year 2001 starts AG and American Inc. as joint venture the FOCUS digitally. Later fuse FOCUS digitally AG and TOMORROW Internet AG for the largest Internet medium company of Germany, the TOMORROW FOCUS AG; the Playboy appears to magazine of publishing house and the TOMORROW FOCUS AG since January 2003 in a common subsidiary of the FOCUS, the Playboy Germany Publishing GmbH.

Important bodies are

  • Burda publishing house Eastern Europe brings 96 magazines in 9 Eastern European countries out (conditions 2004).
  • The FOCUS digitally AG summarizes the Internet enterprises Burdas.
  • The Burda journalist schools (BJS) in open castle and"…
  • ...

The Burda publishing house is arranged since 1995 into so-called "profit centers".

Participation and co-operation

  • 1980 acquire Burda low printering brown in Vieux Thann in the Elsass.
  • 1983 take part Burda in the Axel Springer society for journalism, which holds all shares of the Axel Springer publishing house AG.
  • 1995: Co-operation with the Italian publishing house house RCS Rizzoli Corriere della Sera. Burda takes part with RCS Periodici (OGGI, AMICA, IL MONDO) in Milan. Rizzoli is taken part in the Burda publishing house Eastern Europe, in which since 1995 the Burda is bundled in Eastern Europe. At the same time the partners take part in the group of publishing houses of the Milky Way.
  • 1998: Burda and Rizzoli take part together in the Turkish magazine publishing house
  • 2000: Hubert Burda Media and the bird media group (CHIP) are received a strategic alliance.
  • 2003: The publishing house company Burda Rizzoli France acquires the French magazine publishing house Catherine Nemo getting thing (edition Nuit et Jour).
  • 2005: Hubert Burda Media takes over those Hamburg group of publishing houses of the Milky Way. To it the titles TV feature, Amica, max, Cinema and Tomorrow belong. The group of publishing houses of the Milky Way belongs into the scope of responsibility of Burda executive committee Helmut Markwort. Managing directors are beside Helmut Markwort Burda executive committee Dr. Paul Bernhard Kallen, field man and Dr. January Gisbert school TZE.
  • 2006: The marks of the group of publishing houses of the Milky Way are merged with the Playboy into a new unit, the Burda Lifestyle Community. This covers the marks Playboy, fit one for Fun, max, TV feature, TV feature XXL, TV Today and Cinema. Managing director is field man.


Hubert Burda Media brings 241 magazines and newspapers out in 27 countries with its publishing house partners. The products of the Burda publishing house set on mass effectiveness and do without too complex or disputed circumstances. With the financing incomes from advertising play an important role. Hubert Burda Media is further involved in several Radiosendern, produces own TV-formats and operates different Websites.

General Interest magazines

  • Multicolored one (1948-54 as "the bank", later "multicolored pictorial")
  • Focus (1994); Focus Money, focus school
  • New week (1998)
  • North German newest one message (1991 taken over)
  • Schweriner people newspaper (1991 taken over)
  • Super Illu (1990)
  • Tomorrow
  • TV mirror-image film
  • TV Today

Target group magazines

  • Anna (1974); ANNA SPECIAL
  • Inch (1988, with Groupe Hachette), inch Bistro (1997), inch Decoration (1990)
  • Woman in the trend
  • Friend (1962 taken over).
  • Playboy
  • Verena (1986)

Special Interest magazines

  • Burda fashions (1950); Burda special.
  • CHIP; Chip photo video digital, chip special edition, chip test & purchase.
  • Cinema
  • The house (1949), the house idea magazine, the house special
  • Fit one for fun
  • Spare time revue (1970); Leisure revue professional mystery, spare time revue mystery hit parade
  • Garden passport
  • Garden dreams
  • Luck revue (1986); Luck revue specially mystery, luck revue specially mystery bazaar.
  • Good advice ("consumer magazine", 2002 taken over)
  • Inside
  • Instyle (1999 taken over)
  • Lisa (1994); Lisa cooking and baking (1997); Lisa living and decorating (1998) Lisa flowers and plants (2001).
  • Max one
  • My beautiful garden (1972)
  • My family & I (1972 taken over)
  • My Life
  • Mystery emperor
  • Much fun (1999)
  • Wave-fit (2001).
  • Living & garden
  • Living dreams
  • Young

TV and Radiosender

  • Focus TV (1996)
  • Focus health
  • Cinema TV
  • Antenna Bavaria
  • BB radio
  • Danube of 3 FM
  • Hit radio FFH
  • Studio gong
  • Radio Arabella
  • Radio Galaxy
  • Big of FM

  • CHIP on-line one
  • Focus on-line one (1996)
  • Multicolored T-Online
  • ...

See also

  • Bambi (honor) - from the Burda publishing house lent
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