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The hose-drying tower is often a salient indication of a fire station or a fire-brigade equipment house. Mainly the hose-drying tower serves for drying pressure oil hoses after the employment. This was particularly important, when the hoses were made still of hemp. With the today's materials from artificial fiber it is to be dried still meaningfully the hoses, but not compellingly necessarily. For a longer storage in hose camps or on employment vehicles the hoses should be however drying, in order to hold the reservoirs drying.

In the hose-drying tower the hoses with a pulley-block at the two quick coupling line connectors are drawn up. Thus they hang straight and can drain and air well. As a result of the length of the B-hoses of 20 m a necessary height of at least 10 m arises plus the necessary height for the pulley-block and the attachments. If the hose-drying tower has a height of 30 meters, the hoses at a clutch can be hung up. The advantage is in the fact that the water from the hose runs and dries the hoses also from the inside. It exists to dry even the possibility 35 meters the B-hose of the turning leaders. An existing hose-drying tower becomes often additional for the assembly of the siren, which uses radio antennas or a wind force measurer, since the height of the assembly of advantage is also here.

At larger fire-brigades the hose-drying tower is removed at the same time than training facilities for leader exercises (hook leader pastes) or roping exercises. Also with portable leaders or turning leader vehicles are accomplished.

However with the new building of a fire station or a fire-brigade equipment house the hose-drying tower is also often omitted for financial reasons and replaced by a hose dryer, which sirens on other high buildings placed (or dismounted as in some Lands of the Federal Republic) and for the radio antenna its own radio mast establishes.

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