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Honda CBS (Combined Brake system) is a combining brake system for motorcycles, which is continuously developed further since 1986 by the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, in order to arrange the brake applications with motorized being positioned vehicles more effective and simpler and to increase the protection from blocking one of the two wheels.

Single CBS:

With the employment of the single CBS (the manipulation of the rear brake) the rear wheel has the main brake load combined with partial brake load at the front wheel, like an independent Vorderradbremse. If this effect is obtained because during operation of the foot brake with motorcycles, and/or the left hand lever with scooters, also the front brake by means of a third Bremskolbens, regulated by a valve, is operated. The additive "single" means here that the front brake system is to be begun further autonomously.

The single CBS was blocked in following motorcycle and scooter models:

SCOOPY: Rear wheel drum brake mechanically, Vorderrrad disc brake operates hydraulically

the further models rear wheel - and Vorderradbremse operates hydraulically.



Silver Wing

CBF1000 (optional)

FES 125 Pantheon

SH 125

Dylan 125


Dual CBS:

The dual CBS represents an advancement of the single CBS, whereby here now also during operation of the front brake the rear one in the group along-brakes. The mobile three-piston saddle in front subjects here a further brake cylinder with pressure, attached at the fork foot, which serves one of the three rear Bremskolben again over a pressure control valve. Both wheels are thus always braked, all the same whether the driver operates only one or both brake levers.

The dual CBS was blocked in the following motorcycle models:

CBR 1100 XX super Blackbird


Varadero 1000



CBS ABS system represents the latest state of development Honda group brake with two-wheelers and combines the binary CBS with a motor operated and to electronically, mechanically regulated anti-skid system. (ABS)

The CBS-ABS is blocked in the following motorcycle models:

Gold Wing

Pan European ABS


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