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Hoping man works the Lintorf was a vehicle manufacturer from the district Duesseldorf.

Hoffmann produced bicycles and starting from 1949 on the again acquired work area in Lintorf additionally motorcycles of 125 ccm to 250 ccm with ILO engines as well as under license at that time already famous Vespa scooters. Admits became Hoffmann however only with a reconstruction, Hoffmann governor. The motorcycle, designed of Richard kitchens and its brother Xaver was characterised by its smooth alignment. It was a 4-Takt-Boxer-Kardan-Maschine, which suffered at first from substantial technical difficulties, like many new publications of the time at that time. But with the revised governor MP 250-2 and new S 300 developed from the same component system 1953 matured versions came on the market.

At the same time one tried to appear with its own small car on the market. Attempts from ISO a license to receive failed. Hoffmann copied thereupon the Italian small cars, whereby it omitted however the patented front door with the steering wheel swiveling mechanicalism. The hoping man cab possessed only one door on the front seat passenger side. Came to law cases with BMW, the official licensee of ISO, Hoffmann lost and only something over 100 hoping man cabs to a unit price by 2900 DM was manufactured in such a way.

In the years 1950 - 1954 became depending upon literature approx. 50,000 - produces 60,000 Vespa scooters with Hoffmann. This Vespas ranks at present among in Germany to usually-looked for Vespa copies. License disputes with Piaggio as well as technical lack of the motorcycles led to in November 1954 to a comparison with connection bankruptcy.

Later the enterprise was resumed and produced into the 80's armaments.

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