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Hippolyt Theodor William George Benedikt Johannes Maria baron Poschinger of Frauenau (* 19. June 1908 in Bamberg; "† 20 August 1990 in Zwiesel) was a Bavarian entrepreneur, Forstwirt and a politician.

Life and working

Poschinger was a great-grandchild of the Bavarian Prime Minister Otto count von Bray Steinburg and came of on the paternal side to the glass Mach he dynasty Poschinger from the Bavarian forest. Its brother-in-law was the bishop of Munich and freesings, Heinrich count von Soden Fraunhofen.

It visited the elementary school in Regensburg and Frauenau and from 1919 to 1926 the human High School of the Benediktinerklosters Ettal. 1930 it locked the University of Munich as a diploma forest landlord, in the December of the same yearly took over it the administration of the paternal country and forest-economical possession, which had pulled in the previous year by gale and hail impact strongly in Mitleideschaft.

1952 selected it the national committee of the Bavarian farmer's association as a representative of forestry into the Bavarian senate, who selected it at the beginning of of 1968 to its president. he handed his possession to 1980 over to his son Stefan and separated three years later from the senate.


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  • 25 years Bavarian senate 1947 - 1972. Responding on the occasion of the 25-year old existence of the Bavarian senate held by 4. Dec. 1972 in the Maximilianeum, Munich, Munich 1972


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  • NN: Baron Hippolyth baron von Poschinger - 14 years president of the Bavarian senate. In: The Bavarian forest, Straubing, 95 (2003), 4, P. 36 - 37.

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