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Hinrich Lohse (* 2 September 1896 in "† 25 February 1964 ebenda) was a National Socialist German politician.

The learned buyer came of to a smallrural family. From 1903 to 1912 it visited the elementary school in its place of residence, afterwards the higher professional school. 1913 work it as an employee in it threw Blohm & Voss in Hamburg. During the First World War it served October 1916 in the army from 23 September 1915 up to its dismissal as war-hurt 30.

Lohse was since 1919 first coworker of the Schleswig Holstein farmer association, then starting from 1920 Secretary-General of the Schleswig Holsteini national party. In the year 1923 it joined the NSDAP and became to 27. March of 1925 gau leaders of the NSDAP in Schleswig-Holstein. 1924 he was selected on the Listenverbindung social block 1927 as only NSDAP delegates into the Stadtverordnetenkollegium of Altona/Elbe. During this time it e.g. led different national oriented rural federations in Northern Germany, like the land people movement, into the NSDAP. Between 1928 and 1929 Lohse administered temporarily also the NSDAP gau Hamburg.

Lohse, to which since 1932 the German Reichstag belonged, became short after the seizure of power of the national socialists to 25. March 1933 appointed the upper president of the province Schleswig-Holstein. In the year 1934 he transferred the presidency of the Nordi society. 1942 were appointed Lohse, like all gau leaders, the realm defense commissioner.

After the German occupation of parts of the Soviet Union installation took place as a realm commissioner for the east country on 17 July 1941 Lohses. Besides Lohse maintained its functions in Schleswig-Holstein and oscillated between Riga and Kiel. After its office introduction Lohse occupied numerous important posts with old friends of like mind from Schleswig-Holstein. It kept this function up to its escape-like leaving of the Reichskommissariats east country in the autumn 1944. In Schleswig-Holstein it exercised a nearly absolute rule in the erosion phase of the regime toward end of the war as a realm defense commissioner.

To 6. May 1945 was set off Lohse due to British demands by realm president Karl as an upper president from Schleswig-Holstein. It was arrested a little later by the British military. Lohse was condemned 1948 in Bielefeld to ten years detention, came however in the year 1951 because of an illness free foot. Two staatsanwaltschaftliche preliminary investigations against it were stopped in the consequence; the grant of an upper president pension, which firstrode itself Lohse, was recalled on pressure of the schleswig holsteinischen federal state parliament. Lohse spent its old age in


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