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Hinrich Brummer was in early 18. Century Buchbinder and in the duchy Bremen and Verden of privileged booksellers and publishers with business in Stade.

Brummer shifted the opera texts Barthold of enemy and Christian Friedrich Hunolds Satyri novel as a bookseller with good relations with neighbouring Hamburg among other things in the second version of 1710.

Notes an attendance in Brummers bookshop Mr. Zacharias Conrad of Uffenbach journeys, 2 (Frankfurt Leipzig, 1753), p.147:

The 13. [March 1710] of morning we giengen into the book shop Heinrich Brummers, which whether he probably only one Buchbinder is, then have it nevertheless, after it got a Privilegium in the Herzogthum Bremen and Verden to drive the book trade alone, zimlich like probably with louder new books shifted. He is otherwise a well-behaved man, and gave us from some scholars all here good message. When I asked it for the old Mr. von Stade, and its works of Ottfrido, he said the fact that he the Specimen printed, however the Werck, because it should become over six alphabet ["six alphabet "are 6 x 23 = 138 pressure elbows] starck, trust he not to take over, out procure myself that him does not go off it, and he would like to suffer damage.

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