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The highest mountain authority at the Council of Ministers of the GDR (WHETHER) was a central organ of the Mininisterrats of the GDR for the practice of the national supervision of mountain as well as for the regulation of certain fundamental questions of the mining industry and associated public security.

The WHETHER it became effective 1 September 1959 from the technical mining industry inspection of the GDR with seat in Leipzig in an educated manner. The mining industry enterprises were subject to the supervision of the mountain authorities in technical and safetymoderate regard.

Controlled the WHETHER the regular development of mining industry security and specified the pit rescue and gas protection nature and the tasks of emphasis of the research and development. It should exert on the fact influence that the impairment of the territories limits by the mountain-structural work to a minimum remain should and controlled the regular development of the reraclamation.

Examined and evaluated the WHETHER occurrences such as fires, explosions among other things in the mining industry it, whereby it should introduce necessary measures. It approved the application of the Markscheider as well as explosives and accessories in the national economy. It led the official explosive list, the register across the mining industry protected areas and the basic listings across mountain-harm-endangered areas.

The WHETHER was the mountain authorities, as organs for the direct national supervision of mountain, as well as the central office for the pit rescue and gas protection nature and Institut for mining industry security subordinate. The tasks, rights and obligations the WHETHER were in the first and second VO (1) over the statute the WHETHER regulated.


  • (1) First VO: GBl II 1970 No. 70, second VO: GBl I 1974 No. 2

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