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Heuwender (also hay turning machine, Kreiselwender or north German Kehrer) is a agricultural implement for the production of hay made of grass. It is propelled over the power-takeoff of the tractor, which it pulls. In former times there were also turning machines, which were pulled by horses.

Heuwender has work width of approx. 2.5-15 M. under usually the hinged implemented framework to find itself the so-called gyroscopes. These are propelled by the power-takeoff of the tractor. At the gyroscopes are 12-15 60 cm each long metal bars, to whose end a so-called tine is attached. Still damp hay is turned with a speed of 120 min-1, in order to loosen the Mahd (Schwadstreuen, Zetten), to accelerate the drying procedure and to avoid the formation from mould to, which can be harmful for the agricultural utilizable animals.

With the Wender one can make also night clouds, for this needs one a special plug-on transmission, which must be put and fastened on the power-takeoff stub of the Wenders. Normally for it however a Schwader is used.

Modern Heuwender knows also border strewing. Here the fodder is not strewn on the neighbour field. It gives Heuwender in the appendix version (tractor linkage drawbar, draft link with chassis) or in the cultivation version (three point). The Wender today can be folded up hydraulically.

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