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Heroes OF Might and Magic (frequently shortened with Heroes or HOMM) is a series of round-based Fantasy computer Strategiespielen of the American developer new World Computing. Story and characters overlap with those the game of roles series of Might and Magic, and above all the later Heroes episodes are characterised likewise by many game of roles elements.

King's Bounty

'' Major items: King's Bounty ''

King's Bounty was the spielerische forerunner, quasi the "zeroth" part of the series. The play figure, alternatively a knight, a barbarian, a Paladin or a Zauberin, are leader of an army, which a group a Zepter hidden by rogues defeat and must regain. For this purpose one investigates gradually (partly coincidence-generated) the play world, fights against wild monsters, visits different cities and castles and achieves magic artifacts, which improve the abilities of the hero.

Numerous Fantasy creatures, e.g. Knights, dwarves, Vampire or kites arise both and to opponents and and possible recruits for the own army. All creatures are differently strong and possess partial special abilities, then some from them remote fighters are or can fly. An all too multicolored mixture creatures of different origin can lower however the moral of the troops and thus their combat strength. The hero intervenes not personally in the battles, can learn and use however spells, in order to support its troops.

A substantial difference to later Heroes plays consists of the fact that there is only one hero. Also this may take up only a limited number of troops to its army, since these oppose otherwise its instructions. The guidance qualities and other characteristics of the hero can be improved however in the course of the play. Differently than in later plays there is also only one scenario, which can be played on different degrees of difficulty.

King's Bounty was developed by Jon Van Caneghem and its company new World Computing and published 1990 for DOS computers. 1991 follow a conversion for the Sega mega drive. 2001 were not portiert the play also on Sony Playstation 2, with graphics more up-to-date, however with larger extent, under the misleading title Heroes OF Might and Magic: Quest for the Dragon Bone Staff.

Heroes OF Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest

King's Bounty 2 was renamed during the development in Heroes OF Might and Magic, in order to be able to profit from the success of the game of roles series of Might and Magic. The heroes arising in the play were leaned therefore strongly against characters from Might and Magic IV; the story, settled in a world named colony, had however first no connections to older titles. Only in the following games of roles, which took up the story of the Heroes row, loose linkages were manufactured.

Heroes OF Might and Magic was published 1995 by new World Computing for MS-DOS; the German version comes from soft gold. Later followed a version for Windows 95 with map editor, that permitted the creation more selbsterstellter or scenarios also coincidence-generated, as well as conversions for Apple Macintosh and Game Boy Color.


Morglin iron fist, the legal ruler of an unknown country, must flee before a throne robber. By a dimension portal it arrives with its servants at the continent Enroth, on which already three further war gentlemen argue about the supremacy. The player takes over now the role of one of the four parties and must gradually all opponents defeat.


Heroes OF Might and Magic orients itself spielerisch at King's Bounty, however with various innovations. Cities and castles have now a clearly greater importance, and can be developed, so that the players can recruit more creatures. Each player can send now up to eight heroes with individual armies.

There are four different city types, which different creatures offer for recruiting and a hero class is assigned to who in each case:

  • Farm (knight): Human troops, for example sword fighters and Paladine
  • Prairie (barbarian): Wild creatures, like Goblins and Oger
  • Forest (Zauberin): Fantastic natures (Feen, dwarves, Druiden etc.)
  • Mountain (being LOCK): Wasserspeier, seizing, kite and other monsters

After each won battle a hero receives points of experience and can so game of roles-typically higher stages achieve, on which its characteristics increase. Knights and barbarians attain mostly improved combat effectivenesss, which are added to those of the troops led by them. Charm inside and being LOCKs can use for it more and/or stronger spells.

In the campaign mode the player selects first one of the four war gentlemen and thus his type of city. The eight scenarios are however identical for all figures to a large extent. Besides the play offers various single scenarios, which can be played in the multi-player mode (at only one computer or over a network). A level editor was however only supplied later with the Windows-95-Version.

Heroes OF Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars

1996 were already published Heroes II. Graphics and Gameplay were taken over with only few changes. In the upper world about the play sees very similar to its predecessor, also all creatures with unchanged values were maintained, arranged optically completely new however. Also some new creatures and feature were added.

The play supports both MS-DOS and Windows 95. New World Computing had been bought up in the meantime by 3DO, whereby also the German Publisher changed. This time the play was translated by Ubi soft, whereby one attached however no importance on consistency to older episodes. Also this time the play was portiert the Apple Macintosh; the version for the Game Boy Color is actually a mixture from Heroes II and III.


After Morglin iron fist the country Enroth in the first part of the series geeint, its both sons argue about the succession to the throne. After Morglins death is actually the royal Seher its successor determined, but "badly" the son Archibald lets it murder and its to successors and accuses the "good" Roland of of the act, which thereupon must flee. Subsequently, Archibald crowns itself to the king. Roland and its trailers begin now a civil war, around it fall.


All hero classes and creatures from the first part were practically invariably taken over. However some creatures are available now also in a rigged, easily stronger variant (e.g. Kavalleristen can become and Magier Erzmagiern). In addition two additional hero classes with associated city types and creatures were inserted, the (with untoten troops such as Zombies, Vampiren and Lichen) and the Zauberer (e.g. Halblinge, Golems, Magier).

Furthermore all heroes with rising experience can learn now different talents, for example increase guidance the moral of the own troops, while logistics makes faster travel possible.

Heroes II contains two campaigns, in which one leads Roland or Archibald alternatively to the victory. The scenarios are generally more varied than in the predecessor; in parts the player must select also between two different missions and receives another reward then in each case. Also the single scenarios partly have different victory conditions. Instead of only four now players are possible, allied now also with one another to be can up to six (however only, if the scenario plans this). A level editor is provided now directly with the play to provide however without the ability, coincidental maps.

Heroes OF Might and Magic II: The Price OF Loyalty

An ADD on to Heroes OF Might and Magic II was published 1997 under the title The Price OF Loyalty. It offers numerous new scenarios, up to some artifacts and building however no new features. The ADD on was developed not by new World Computing, but by the Cyberlore of Studios.

Four campaigns of different lengths, whose story is perfectly independent however of the remainder of the series, as well as additional single scenarios are contained. The late published Heroes OF Might and Magic II gold contains all missions the main program and the ADD Ons as well as still some exclusive new.

Heroes OF Might and Magic III: The Restoration OF Erathia

The third and most successful part of the series was published 1999. The Gameplay offered again no substantial differences, however the play had beside new Rendergraphiken with higher depth of shade also over numerous smaller improvements and a very high extent.

In addition, the original version of the play Windows 95 and newer versions, were supported only portiert on the Apple Macintosh, Linux and Sega Dreamcast. In the course of the following months one finally published the ADD on Armageddon's Blade, an extended version of the main program named The Shadow OF Death and a Bundle Heroes OF Might and Magic III Complete.


The story plays on the continent Antagarich and is only very loosely linked with the predecessors. Actually history had been already continued around Roland and Archibald in the game of roles Might and Magic VI; in Might and Magic VII both Storylines were then united again.

The king of Erathia, Nicholas seizing heart was murdered. When its returns in the meantime with Roland iron fist married daughter Catherine, already the armies of the being LOCKs and the teuflischen Kreeganer broke in in Erathia. The war continues to worsen, than the dead king is again-aroused from the Nekromanten as Lich and likewise an invasion on his homeland starts. Catherine appoints itself now the new queen and must drive now all aggressors out and find the murderer of their father, in order to re-establish the peace.

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