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Hermann Heinrich Gossen (* 7 September 1810 in "† 13 February 1858 in Cologne) was a Prussian political economist, who gave with its book the development of the laws of human traffic and the rules for human acting, flowing from it, to the terms value, price and use a in a revolutionary manner new meaning. It can be ranked among the classical economics.


Gossen 1810 in were born, which stood at this time under French crew. After a study in Bonn it was active some years as civil servants in the Prussian government service and sat down 1847 to the peace.

Gossen tried first with the sales of insurance.

In its book development of the laws of human traffic and the rules for human acting, which appeared 1854 in Braunschweig, flowing from it, he stated his theories with mathematical methods to the marginal utility and formulated the gossenschen laws, with which he became an important forerunner of the marginal utility school in the economics and thus for the Neoklassik at all.

It is worth mentioning that at time at that time a mathematical view of economic connections were more uncommon than about nowadays. Probably because of its complexity its book found no trailer shank during its lifetimes and applied after its death for a long time as verschollen. It is today in only few copies received.

Nevertheless around the meaning of its idea, compared he must have known Gossen her even with the kopernikanischen sky laws.

After 1870 published nearly at the same time works of whale-race, to Carl Menger and William Stanley Jevons, which likewise presented the marginal utility theory. While one argued still about who discovered her as the first, it succeeded to find a colleague Jevons out that in reality the idea had Gossen as the first. One recognized Gossens achievement on and made her understandable because of a smaller Mathematisierung.

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