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The Herforder Kleinbahnen GmbH operated since 1966 a shut down narrow-keep in track-strains.


The planning of the society decreases/goes back into the year 1895. Operated since this time by the Kreistag planning to the building that approximately 111 kilometers are enough for distance. 1897 was submitted the first plans to the Kreistag. On 14 June 1898 with a company capital by 1.4 million Marks the Herforder Kleinbahnen GmbH was created. Shareholders were the city and the circle Herford, the nine adjoining owner municipalities, the Rentkammer in Detmold and 10 private individuals. In the years 1927 to 1931 the power station Minden Ravensberg GmbH (electromagnetic reflection) transferred the entire capital stock - up to 20.000 Marks.

The track width of 600 mm, favored first, was meter-purely given up after longer disputes in favor of that.

Opening of the distance sections

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  • 10. August 1900 - from Herford to close, there connection existed Bielefeld to the Bielefelder circular paths after sign ash, value ago (Westf.) and starting from April 1901 (adjusted in February 1954)
  • 20 September 1900 - from close after boiling-bridge
  • 1. August 1902 - from Herford to Bad Salzuflen
  • 14. September 1902 - from Bad Salzuflen to Vlotho small station
  • 1. October 1903 - of Vlotho small station to the state railway yard and to the Weser port.

Enterprise up to 2. World war

First the enterprise with steam engines was accomplished. Already before that the 1. World war planned conversion to the electrical enterprise took place between 26 June 1930 and 16 August 1933. Apart from the transportation of human beings also goods traffic took place. Between Vlotho and Bielefeld regularly goods for the Oetkerwerke were transported. Besides over Vlotho the grain supplies coming by ship made of Bremen were carried into the circle area.

War: The 1940er years

In 2. World war was particularly drawn the station area in Herford in. Between 16 November and 18 December 1944 the enterprise had to be stopped completely. To a further quiet putting comb it between 3 April and 5 June 1945, when the circle area was occupied by allied troops. Shortly thereafter enterprise under steam was again taken up. On 9 February 1946 the distance was interrupted, when after a flood Hans-move away in Herford collapsed. The reconstruction took place up to the 1. May 1949.

Fall and suspension of service

Starting from the 1950er years the competition grew by the individual traffic. 1952 was procured modern driving and sidecar, also them could not not prevent the passenger decrease. In the summer 1955 besides a parallel bus traffic was taken up. When the concession ran off 1962 and the city Herford had no more interest at an extension, the end of the course was sealed. Gradually the following sections of the course were diminished:

  • 29. April 1962 - from Exter to Vlotho
  • 2. November 1963 - from Spenge after boiling-bridge
  • 4. November 1963 - of Herford, Berger gate after Exter
  • 1. July 1964 - from Herford, Berger gate to Herford, small station
  • 22. April 1966 - from Spenge to Herford

The goods traffic was still continued on a small section in Herford, adjusted also there however on 30 June 1966.

Individual locomotives were used after 1966 by ostfriesischen island courses, among other things on Juist. Some the newer driving and sidecar went to the Sylter island course.

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