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Henry Stolow (* 1901 in Riga, Latvia; "† 1971) were a stamp dealer in Berlin, New York and Munich.


After the end of the First World War Henry Stolow as well as its brother Julius Stolow was active 1920 to 1933 in Berlin as stamp dealers. Both emigrierten 1936 to Brussels and later to New York. There they created the wholesale firm '' J. and H. Stolow, Wholesale Stamp Dealers, 475 Fifth Ave, New York 17, N.Y., '' from the 40's to the 70's existed. With this company they ascended to one the largest stamp wholesale of the world.

Henry Stolow bought up important stamp collections and auctioneered it on behalf the customers (for example the collections of president Franklin D. Roosevelt, king Carol II. of Romania, king Faruk of Egypt, cardinal Francis Spellmann and millionaire Arthur Hind). He worked also world-wide as a stamp examiner.

Henry Stolow prepared New editions von Briefmarken for postal administrations (particularly in Africa). By these New editions it bought up the largest part of the edition, in order to then resell it as a monopolist to other wholesale dealers. It is assumed that it gave also misprints in order (example: Positive pressure marks in Greenland).

It did not shrink from itself also to give 150 expenditures for mark of the not existing country Republic of Maluku Selatan with the Austrian state State of Vienna in order and these expenditures for swindle, which were spent and sold by no postal administration in the Molukken in Indonesia, for the damage of the stamp collecting tanks world-wide to marked out.

To the Second World War it returned to Germany and was also in Berlin and later in Munich than stamp dealers active. After its death its Briefmarkenimperium in Munich under the name became '' company Henry Stolow '' by the owner Mueller '' under the address Schrammerstr. 3, 80333 Munich resumed.

Gregory Stolow, son of Julius Stolow and nephew of Henry Stolow, is a stamp dealer in the USA.


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